Revenge of the Mummy Refurbishment at Universal Studios Florida Encounters Delays

Things were looking up for Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida after the construction walls were removed, extended queue set up, and Team Members training. However, it looks like the curse is real, because the ride has encountered more delays on the road to reopening.

As we previously reported, the main purpose of the refurbishment was to update the control booth (not to swap Brendan Fraser for Tom Cruise), which is connected to every part of the attraction. This is a very labor- and time-intensive task. Progress had led to the cycling of ride vehicles but has now hit a snag. We have heard the delay is related to the new sensors, with possible issues at the lift hill.

Revenge of the Mummy delay

Though the precise details are not public knowledge, attraction technicians are bustling around Mummy. Universal surely wants this high-capacity ride open soon just as much as the fans do, but never at the expense of safety or quality.

No reopening date was set for Revenge of the Mummy, with Universal clearly aware that delays such as these may occur. The vague deadline was “late summer,” which gives them through September 21. Stay tuned to UPNT for the latest updates.

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