FULL TOUR: Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club Halloween-Themed Bar at Universal CityWalk Orlando

The Red Coconut Club at Universal CityWalk Orlando has undergone another seasonal overlay. This Halloween season, the venue has transformed into Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club.

Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club

Monstergram Pictures Presents ‘Target Planet Coconut’

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Over the summer, the All Hallows Eve Boutique at Islands of Adventure was themed to the fictitious film studio Monstergram Pictures.

The Universal Classic Monsters were in the midst of creating a B-movie called “Revenge of the Red Planet” (maybe it was a working title?).

The “film” is ready for its big premiere, and guests visiting the club will find it decorated for the occasion.

Know Before You Go

The Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club is open on select nights and will feature either a live DJ or live musical performances.

The club is located on the upper level of CityWalk, which means it’s available to everyone, not just guests of HHN.

There is no cover charge to enter, and all ages are welcome.

The club will serve a variety of spooky themed cocktails and mocktails in a fun, retro environment. Whether you’re attending Halloween Horror Nights or not, you can check out the Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club.

Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club Video Tour

For photos of the Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club, keep reading, or watch our full video tour below:

Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club Photos

The Universal Classic Monsters have taken over the Red Coconut Club and transformed it into the Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club. This year’s overlay is themed to Monstergram Pictures’ latest B-movie: “Target Planet Coconut.”

Outside the venue, a vintage red truck is parked outside, with smoke billowing out underneath.

Banners featuring illustrations of the Universal Monsters are hung on the exterior of the venue, all wearing 3D glasses.

Just inside, you’ll find busts of Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula, bookending the logo for Monstergram Pictures. The statues are also wearing 3D glasses.

This is where you can meet The Bride and her Monster.

Moving further inside, guests will find the first of three bars, where spooky themed cocktails and mocktails are served.

The entire club is filled with retro B-movie props, like this “pool” with tentacles making a cocktail.

There’s even a sign for Monstergram Pictures’ art department.

This record, with a song entitled, “I’m Off to the Moon,” hangs on a tentacle in the space.

The lighting and decor makes the whole space feel otherworldly.

A couple of alien models stand in this sitting area.

Elsewhere, a couple of mannequins rock B-move cosmonaut suits.

The quality of the fictional film might be a little lackluster, but the overlay is all-out.

This director’s chair is piled high with props. You can see by the back panel that it belongs to “The Monster.”

Even the Mummy’s chair is under wraps.

The collection of props and movie accessories is a veritable feast for the eyes.

The Wolfman’s chair looks like the man himself may be shedding his summer coat in preparation for fall hunts.

You might also run into Dracula while downstairs, rubbing elbows with other guests.

A discarded clown outfit sits across these trunks.

This makeup area is a bit haphazard.

The make up department sign over the mirror has been hand-modified to be specifically for The Bride herself.

A variety of lotions and potions, a hand mirror, and more accessories are on her dressing table. A photo of The Bride sits on the dresser as well.

Her adoring fans have brought her a newspaper-wrapped bouquet.

The back of the props have some scrawled notes.

This one has some graffiti by Earl, and a sign to warn that cursed items are no longer allowed near the bar.

The back wall of the bar has many alien props standing with the film’s logo.

This alien is posed with a found Earthling prop: a vintage Speak and Spell.

These mannequins are set up for a shocking photo op.

The stairs are full of art of aliens and movie paraphernalia.

At the top of the stairs, guests will pass a sign advertising the Dead Coconut Drive-In, which is playing “Revenge of the Red Planet in 3D.” An arrow points toward the bar.

A screening is set up around the corner.

Just inside, several monster mannequins are set up, watching the movie release.

Wolfman and The Creature from the Black Lagoon are looking sharp for the occasion.

Dracula came stag for this viewing.

The movie is actually showing on the screen.

Between viewings of the film, Earl reminds guests to head out to the lobby for a snack.

Around the corner, we see the snack bar, one of the three bar locations in the Red Coconut Club.

The bar is named “Milicent’s Snack Bar,” after Milicent Patrick. Patrick is best known for creating the mascot costume for “Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

The Mummy is also dressed to the nines for the premiere.

Some dead coconut art is above The Mummy mannequin.

Revenge of the Dead Coconut Club Menu

The menu features the film’s art proudly displayed across the front.

You can check out our reviews for the available drinks here.

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