Betty Boop Store Sign Removed in Universal Studios Florida, Possibly For Illumination Avenue Re-theme

Universal Studios Florida is undergoing a lot of changes lately and there seems to be construction everywhere you turn. From KidZone getting a rumored DreamWorks makeover to the front of the park being taken over by the Minions and Illumination Avenue, there’s no denying this park will look very different in just a few short years. Now, the Betty Boop sign above the Silver Screen store in Universal Studios Florida has been removed, possibly because the store will become part of the new Illumination Avenue inspired by Minions.

The store is right next to the future entrance to Villain-Con Minion Blast. The Silver Screen Snacks stand on the other side of it was recently demolished.

Though construction walls wrap around the street corner and in front of the store, it remains open.

Awnings that previously featured images of the icon and the words “Betty Boop” have been replaced by solid gray ones. The Betty Boop artwork from the windows has been replaced with a generic blue Universal sign. The final piece to be removed was the small sign over the doorway. A gray spot and hardware remain where the sign featuring Betty Boop previously hung above the entrance.

Here’s a look at the entrance back in November when it was fully themed to Betty Boop. It’s pretty clear that Betty Boop is slowly fading away.

Here’s a better look at the sign. Betty Boop winks and blows a kiss.

It’s possible the store will be re-themed completely, but it is still unclear at this time. The Hello Kitty Store in this area is also being slowly un-themed while it remains open.

Right now, this area of the park is called Production Central, but at least part of it will become Illumination Avenue with the opening of Villain-Con Minion Blast and Minion Café.

Our photo above from last week shows where the sign was, but you can see the themed awnings had already been switched out at this point.

The inside of the store is still themed to Betty Boop and full of Betty Boop merchandise. For now.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure also has a Betty Boop store which is set to become the new UOAP Lounge.

We’ll be watching and waiting to see what happens to this store, so be sure to stay tuned. What do you think of the potential removal of Betty Boop from the Silver Screen store at Universal Studios Florida?

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