2023 Mardi Gras Merchandise Featuring Mythical Creatures Arrives at Universal Orlando Resort

Merchandise for 2023 Mardi Gras International Flavors of Carnaval has arrived at Universal Orlando Resort. This year’s merch features mythical creatures, as well as more standard Mardi Gras icons like masks and King Gator. Watch our tour of the merch below and scroll on to see photos and more info:

We found all of this merchandise at the kiosk next to Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.

Mardi Gras Spirit Jersey – $75

The Spirit Jersey is black with “Universal’s Mardi Gras” across the back. The letters are yellow, purple, and green, with beads, confetti, and music notes floating around them.

A smaller logo for the festival is on the front.

Mardi Gras Coca-Cola Freestyle Tumbler – $28.99

With a Coca-Cola Freestyle tumbler, guests can get refills all day.

A jester is celebrating Mardi Gras on the tumbler, surrounded by flying beads, instruments, and masks.

A King Gator parade float is featured and even the moon is wearing a mask.

Mardi Gras Split Tee – $35

Half of this tee is white with a colorful design. The other half is black with the design mirrored in a white outline.

The image features a mask, dragon face, butterfly wings, flying unicorns, and beads.

The Mardi Gras logo is on the white sleeve.

Mardi Gras Tee – $35

This shirt is all white with the same design pictured in full color on the front.

The back features the Mardi Gras logo, with wings coming out of the side of it.

Mardi Gras Mask Bag – $50

Carry your essentials in this colorful mask-shaped purse.

The pleather strap is attached to the bag with pink chains.

The back is black with the Mardi Gras logo.

Mardi Gras Mug – $18

A mask with butterfly and feather wings is on one side of this mug.

A dragon face and unicorns are on the other side.

Mardi Gras Shot Glass – $10

The ceramic shot glass has the same design as the mug.

Mardi Gras Socks – $20

These socks also feature a dragon, unicorns, and a colorful mask, all around “Universal Studios” in purple and orange at the center.

Mardi Gras Drawstring Backpack – $28

The split black and white version of the mask and creatures design is on this backpack.

It has black drawstring straps.

Mardi Gras Ball Cap – $30

The ball cap is white and has the colorful image of a mask and wings on the front.

It has a velcro strap on the back.

Mardi Gras Headband – $16

This sublimated cloth headband can be worn in several ways.

It’s black with a colorful all-over print of creatures and masks.

Mardi Gras Crown Earrings – $20

Complete your Mardi Gras look with some jewelry! First up are these golden dangle earrings. They have white pearls hanging at the center of the teardrop-shaped wire. Green, pink, and purple beads sit at the bottom of the teardrop with a dangling crown charm.

Mardi Gras Stud Earrings Set – $20

This set of earrings has three pairs. The first is a pair of simple crowns and the second is a pair of green and purple masks. The third earrings have a green dragon’s face hanging from a purple gem.

Mardi Gras Coins Necklace – $30

This golden chain necklace has plastic coins with crowns on them hanging next to white pearls. A Mardi Gras mask and crown charm hang from the loop at the bottom.

Mardi Gras Creatures Necklace – $33

This necklace is made of small golden beads and large pink and green beads. There are three large charms along the necklace.

One charm features a red dragon and green dragons breathing fire. Another features various sea creatures.

The charm hanging at the bottom has a woman with wings in a garden, alongside a unicorn and serpent creature.

Mardi Gras Reversible Bucket Hat – $34

If you prefer a bucket hat to ball caps, Universal has you covered.

One side of this bucket hat is black and covered with the mask and dragon design — just like the headband further above.

The other side is neon green with the Mardi Gras logo on a patch.

Mardi Gras Folding Fan – $18

Keep cool with a black folding fan covered in images of beads, feathers, coins, and stars, with a dragon’s face peering out from below the Mardi Gras logo at the center.

Mardi Gras Poster – $34

This 18″ by 24″ poster features the same design on most of the above merchandise: a mask at the center, a dragon’s face at the bottom, and two unicorns at the top.

It comes rolled up in a tube.

Mardi Gras Tee – $35

This tee is a weathered black with the same image on the front.

The Mardi Gras logo is on the left sleeve.

Mardi Gras Raglan – $35

Finally, a smaller version of the design is on the heather gray torso of this raglan shirt. The sleeves and neck are green.

Mardi Gras Candle – $20

We can’t forget the King Gator, or the “King of the Bayou” as this merchandise brands him. He gets his own scented candle featuring his visage on top.

Mardi Gras King Gator Photo Frame – $29

Memorialize your 2023 Mardi Gras celebrations with this photo frame that puts you right next to King Gator, who is featured on this merch holding a mask and cake.

The frame has a stand on the back but no hardware for hanging on the wall. It fits a 4″ by 6″ photo.

Mardi Gras King Gator Backpack – $33

The king is on this black backpack with a front zipper pocket.

Mardi Gras King Gator Tee – $35

He’s also on this T-shirt which has a dark scaly pattern.

The Mardi Gras logo is on the left sleeve.

Mardi Gras King Gator Trucker Hat – $30

This hat has a solid black front featuring King Gator above the brim.

The back is made of plastic mesh with an adjustable strap.

Youth Mardi Gras King Gator Tee – $25

This solid black tee is a little simpler, with the King Gator just holding a mask and no cake. But as with most of the King Gator merch, he’s surrounded by delicious-looking Mardi Gras foods, plus instruments, music notes, and beads.

Mardi Gras King Gator Hoodie – $65

The king is on the back of this weathered purple pullover.

It has a drawstring hood and a big pocket on the front.

The Mardi Gras logo is on the left breast.

Mardi Gras Skull Headband – $16

Another series of Mardi Gras 2023 merchandise features skulls. There are purple skulls patterned over this white headband.

One wears a top hat reading “Louder, wilder, spicier.” The other has a flower crown. “Mardi Gras” is printed across the foreheads of both skulls.

Mardi Gras Skulls Bag – $34

They are also patterned across this small bag with an adjustable black strap.

It has a Mardi Gras patch on the front.

The main pocket unzips.

A small pocket on the back also zips up.

Mardi Gras Hoodie – $57

This black hoodie features a jester within the Mardi Gras parade.

The Mardi Gras tree covered in beads is even in the corner.

It zips up the front.

Mardi Gras Button Set – $11

This first button pack includes four buttons:

  • A blue one featuring a crescent moon wearing a green mask. It reads “Universal’s Mardi Gras ‘ 23.”
  • A yellow one featuring a red and purple mask with feathers across the top of it. It reads “Universal Orlando.”
  • A purple one that reads “King of the Bayou” above the King Gator’s face.
  • A green one featuring a red lobster wearing a top hat with the words “Louder, wilder, spicier.”

Mardi Gras Button Set – $11

The second button set includes two featuring the skulls from earlier merch, one featuring a lobster, and one featuring King Gator.

Mardi Gras Magnet Pack – $14

The top hat skull, with musical instruments, a feather, and banners, is on a pink magnet. King Gator, with “Louder, wilder, spicier” on his face, is on the purple magnet in green, surrounded by more instruments, a feather, and a drink.

Mardi Gras King Gator Pin – $15

If you just want a small King Gator souvenir, this pin is for you.

He’s holding a mask and cake, plus wearing a few strings of beads — not to mention his golden crown, of course.

Mardi Gras King Gator Keychain – $14

The same King Gator image, plus other Mardi Gras icons, is surrounded by golden beads on this keychain.

The back of the keychain is silver with the Mardi Gras logo.

Mardi Gras Lanyard – $15

Display your buttons, pin, and keychain on this colorful lanyard.

It shows off parade floats, King Gator, a jester, and the Mardi Gras tree. “Universal’s Mardi Gras ’23” is also at the center of the lanyard.

It has a lobster claw clip at the end and a black clasp at the back.

Mardi Gras King Gator Purple Tee – $35

King Gator is on the front of this heather purple tee.

Mardi Gras King Gator Socks – $20

He’s also featured with various food items and instruments on these socks.

Mardi Gras King Gator Stud Earrings Set – $20

There are three stud earrings in this set:

  • A pair of purple, green, and yellow masks.
  • A pair of King Gator heads wearing gold crowns.
  • A pair of purple fleurs-de-lis.

Mardi Gras King Gator Necklace – $33

The King Gator necklace is made up of gold, purple, and green beads.

Two mask charms are near the top.

At the bottom is a dangling King Gator charm.

Mardi Gras King Gator Bracelets – $28

These three matching bracelets are also made up of gold, green, and purple beads, each with a different charm.

One has a mask, one has King Gator, and one has a fleur-de-lis.

Mardi Gras King Gator Necklace – $33

This necklace has a string of beads and a chain attached to each other.

Golden fleurs-de-lis are just below where the two meet.

King Gator dangles from the end of the chain.

Mardi Gras King Gator Cup – $15

This can-shaped cup is covered all over with beads, instruments, and food.

King Gator is next to his “King of the Bayou” moniker.

The Mardi Gras logo is on another side.

Mardi Gras Tee – $30

This black T-shirt has the image of the jester with the parade, Mardi Gras trees, and King Gator.

Mardi Gras Cup – $17

This cup has the Mardi Gras logo against a purple square on one side.

The moon wearing a mask and lobster are to one side.

King Gator’s face and musical instruments are on the other side.

The rest is covered in beads, masks, and confetti.

Mardi Gras Skull Tee – $35

The top hat skull is outlined in purple and black on this gray weathered tee.

Mardi Gras Skull Tank – $35

The skull wearing a flower crown is outlined in pink and black on this heather gray tank top.

Mardi Gras Coasters – $6 each

There are four coasters available and they match one of the button packs further above.

One is green with the red lobster. His claws read “Food fun” and “Mardi Gras ’23,” while “Louder, wilder, spicier” is on his back.

They all have cork on the bottom.

This coaster is purple with King Gator in green. He also reads “Louder, wilder, spicier.”

The same words are on the top hat of this skull, who is purple against a pink background.

The other skull is pink against yellow.

Mardi Gras Skull Bracelet – $25

The top hat skull is on a silver charm on this braided black bracelet.

There are two slider silver charms, too.

Mardi Gras Skull & Crystal Earrings Set – $20

This earring set has a pair of purple skull studs.

The other pair has silver studs of the skull wearing a flower crown.

Two purple crystals hang from the skull on silver charms.

Mardi Gras Choker Necklace – $25

Finally, this velvet black choker connects with two silver chains.

Hanging from the chains are skull charms and a purple crystal.

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