Pumpkin Juice Bottle Souvenir Sipper Now Available at Universal Orlando Resort

For those who love pumpkin juice at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort, but miss those adorable pumpkin-topped pumpkin juice bottles, a better replacement may have just been introduced: a pumpkin juice sipper! We found this very close facsimile for sale at Universal Studios Stores in CityWalk and Universal Studios Florida.

Pumpkin Juice Bottle Souvenir Sipper – $15.00 (First fill free/Additional refills: $4.49)

pumpkin juice sipper5

Although a little wider than the bottle, this pumpkin juice sipper has all the hallmarks of the original bottle.

pumpkin juice sipper2

The lid is the signature pumpkin that was originally the cover for the bottle cap. The main section of the bottle is dark brown, and a wicker-like design is found on the base.

pumpkin juice sipper 1

The labels on this pumpkin sipper are near copies of the original bottle labels, with a small “Pumpkin Juice” label on the neck of the bottle and a large label on the front.

Pumpkin sipper feature 4
Pumpkin sipper feature 3

The sippers are displayed without a straw, but a plastic one will be included at the register during the time of purchase.

Pumpkin juice sipper feature 5

In 2020, we reported that bottled pumpkin juice was no longer available for sale. The reason for this was unclear, but it was speculated that there may have been production issues or that the company that manufactured the bottles had gone out of business. This meant that pumpkin juice could no longer be purchased in its traditional bottled form, although it was still available on tap. This caused some disappointment among fans of the drink, who were used to enjoying it in its bottled form.

Pumpkin juice is still available for purchase in the wizarding world, but it can now only be found on tap. This souvenir sipper is the perfect container for your favorite pumpkin juice, or any other cold beverage. Now you can enjoy your favorite drink in a container that is true to the wizarding world.

Pumpkin juice sipper feat 8

For those muggles not familiar with pumpkin juice — it was a popular drink in the Wizarding World, particularly among the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was featured in every Harry Potter film. According to the story, Pumpkin Juice was manufactured by London Pumpkins & Sons. It was also available on the Hogwarts Express and was drunk on any occasion, such as for breakfast, lunch, feasts, and other special events.

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