PHOTOS, VIDEO: Grinch Meet and Greet Returns for the Holidays to Universal’s Islands of Adventure

He’s a mean one, but he’s still everyone’s favorite meet and greet during the holidays! The Grinch meet-and-greet has returned to Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure. From now through January 1, you can meet the Grinch at Honk Honkers in Seuss Landing. This meet-and-greet is in a new location this year, decked out as the Grinch’s lair on Mount Crumpit.

Honk Honkers is located next to Snookers and Snookers Sweet Candy Cookers, across from Moose Juice, Goose Juice. If that was just as confusing as it sounded, simply put, Honk Honkers is towards the back of Seuss Landing near the bridge to the Lost Continent.

If you can stand the smell, you can get up close and personal with the Grinch. The meet and greet is using a virtual line this year; learn more here.

The Grinch meet and greet is available daily from 11:15a.m. through 5:15p.m. The virtual line opens at 9a.m. We would suggest checking the app at 8:45a.m. though and to keep checking throughout the day for more times to drop.

Honk Honkers is set up beautifully, with the sleigh, a couch, and decorations. There is a photographer there, and a desk at the exit where you can view and purchase the photo if you so choose.

This was a huge improvement over previous years, though we do see some room for improvement. The virtual line requirement sets many families up for disappointment when times are completely gone. It’s not well-advertised up front, so families who don’t arrive first thing in the morning at Seuss Landing will likely miss their chance to meet the Grinch.

Our other complaint is the lighting. It doesn’t produce very good photos. It certainly sets the ambiance, though.

Otherwise, this was the best meet and greet we’ve ever had with the Grinch. Each group is taken in one at a time, and it’s an extremely personal interaction. The interaction doesn’t feel rushed, which allows you to make some great memories. The Grinch has a lot more room to roam around and cause mayhem, too.

There’s a lot less pressure without tons of people staring at you as they did in the bookstore. With this system, nobody rushes anyone or competes for his attention. The improv-style meet and greets with personal interactions are something Universal is really good at. If you can secure a virtual line reservation for the Grinch, we highly recommend it. You can also meet the Grinch during the Grinch and Friends Character Breakfast or the Universal Holiday Tour if you’re looking to spend more quality time with the Grinch.

Watch our video of the Grinch meet and greet at Honk Honkers below.

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