PHOTOS, VIDEO: All Hallows Eve Boutique Reopens With Krampus Theme at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

The All Hallows Eve Boutique in the Lost Continent at Universal’s Islands of Adventure has a Krampus theme for Christmas 2022.

The year-round Halloween boutique receives different themes during the holidays, but always carries spooky merchandise. The sign above the store’s entrance now reads “All Hallows Eve Krampus Boutique.”

Antlers and horns are painted on the sides of the sign and “Krampus” is in red firey letters. Krampus is a devil-like figure from folklore who punishes badly behaved children.

Immediately inside the store is a Christmas tree with brown branches woven through it. Chains are wrapped around it and the wooden supports to the sides.

The tree is green and white with silver ornaments.

Antlers, berries, and bells are within the tree.

Goat-like horns stick out of the top of the tree instead of a star or angel.

Krampus masks are mounted on the supports.

Another Krampus face is on a beam behind the tree.

There are wreaths also filled with chains and branches, with antlers sticking out of the top and Krampus faces in the center.

Red berries within the wreaths look like splatters of blood.

Warnings about Krampus are posted on the walls around the wreaths.

The warnings are all “official decreements” from the Burgermeister of Brendonia, a fictional country. This one simply says, “Have you been naughty or nice? He knows.”

Another reminds guests to leave their shoes out for Krampus. “Or else.” In some countries and cultures, children leave their shoes out to receive presents from Santa Claus.

December 6 is Saint Nicholas Day and for many, that’s when Christmas celebrations begin. But as this sign warns, “Krampus gets here first.”

Another reads, “Prepare for December 5th. Krampusnacht [Krampus night] approaches. Are you ready?” Team Members hinted that something big, purportedly Krampus himself, will be coming to the store in early December.

The final sign reminds guests that “good or bad, Krampus is still on his way.”

Marionettes and other toys are in the farmhouse set at the center of the store.

There’s a workbench for Santa and his elves to craft wooden toys.

You can pull on some of the marionettes’ strings to make them dance.

A Krampus Christmas card is sitting on one shelf.

Icicles have been added to the exterior of the decrepit farmhouse.

A wreath filled with pinecones hangs above the window.

A pole topped with an animal skull and antlers acts as a sort of shrine to Krampus.

Vintage postcard images featuring Krampus visiting naughty children are on the walls.

Watch our video of the All Hallows Eve Krampus Boutique:

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