PHOTO TOUR: Green & Red Coconut Club Opens at Universal CityWalk Orlando for 2022 Holidays

The Green & Red Coconut Club, a holiday overlay of the Red Coconut Club, is now open at Universal CityWalk Orlando. This beautiful venue has sat unused for so long, we were thrilled to see the Dead Coconut Club finally bring some life into the place and now a new holiday overlay has arrived. Universal teased at the upcoming Green and Red Coconut Club for a couple weeks, and now it has finally opened.

Adjacent to the club is the Green & Red Coconut Market, selling various Universal Orlando Resort holiday merchandise.

Guests can also grab fresh roasted nuts inside. It smells delicious in here.

Inside, Team Members have truly decked the halls of the Red Coconut Club. There are Christmas trees, giant toy soldiers, string lights, and so much more. As soon as you enter, you feel like you’re walking into a Christmas wonderland. The nostalgia and joy is contagious once you walk in the doors.

A billboard inside advertises Earl’s North of the Border, which you can visit in this year’s holiday Tribute Store. If you visit, you might even meet Gerg the Llama. It’s his birthday!

Only 1,113 steps away! (Or 7,104 squirrel steps.)

The Green & Red Coconut Club still maintains the club’s original tiki theming, just with extra splashes of Christmas. It’s got a cozy vintage vibe that just invites you to sit and stay a while.

A retro armchair sits atop the bar and window artwork makes it look like a snowy forest is outside.

Stay tuned for our reviews of the club’s exclusive holiday drinks.

There’s a DJ booth and the music switches over from charming Christmas music to louder, popular music around 9:00.

There’s even a cozy fireplace next to some tiki decor.

Large light-up holiday yard figures are along the wall above this seating area.

“Green &” has been added to all the Red Coconut Club signs.

This is probably my personal favorite spot in the bar. This would be a fun photo op next to the vintage decor and TV. Gift boxes sit atop the TV and little figures decorate a bookshelf nearby. The TV sometimes displays the Green & Red Coconut Club logo. If you’re a fan of the 50’s and 60’s vintage theme, you will be in paradise here.

It feels like sitting in a cozy little living room with tinsel trees and kitschy decor. We could stay here all night.

Some of the Christmas trees are topped with tiki figures. The club still maintains the original tiki vibe, which we were concerned about disappearing. The moai statues with Santa hats are a nice touch. This corner of the bar gives us that tiki vibe we are crazy about, with the perfect amount of holiday decor.

A wicker chair where the Creature once sat is now reserved for Santa Claus.

A bust of the Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of the best parts of this set up. The statue is most recognized as being a part of Monsters Cafe, was a part of the Dead Coconut Club, and now wears a scarf and hat while guarding Santa’s milk and cookies. I fell in love with this set up and appreciate seeing the bust survive the closure of our beloved Monsters Cafe.

For $8, guests can make their own collectible Santa Claus figure at this Mold-A-Rama machine.

The entire club has a 1960s retro feel, so the machine advertises injection molding as “the way of the future” and coming soon to the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

The Santa Claus figure is slightly different from last year’s Santa mold and comes in green instead of red.

Holiday artwork has been added to the walls, but be sure to take a closer look at some of these gems.

One poster advertises the 1964 film “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.”

A Monster World magazine cover features Frankenstein’s monster in a Santa outfit.

The “Attic” sign on the stairs has been decorated with tinsel.

Reindeer are prancing along the walls of the stairs. It’s amazing in here and there’s still more upstairs.

Upstairs has been decorated like an attic full of decorations in storage. The lighting is perfection and gives you the most magical feeling. There’s just no other way to describe this than Christmas magic.

There are some Grinch references, including the ribbon on this giftbox.

The label is another reference to “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” which the entire upstairs of Dead Coconut Club was themed to.

A faux fireplace is surrounded by Christmas trees with red lights and a plush chair. This would be a great photo op.

A Christmas village is lit-up in an open crate. The attention to detail that this team has when putting together these elaborate experiences always blows our minds. The talent and creativity of this team is just incredible and we fully appreciate their hard work!

The actual patio is lined with red garland and green ornaments. It looks out at the rest of CityWalk. This is a prime spot to chill with a drink.

A bulletin board inside is covered in family photos, likely of Team Members. We love seeing the Team Members get to add a touch of their own personalities into everything they do.

Are you excited to visit the Green & Red Coconut Club this holiday season? Let us know in the comments and check out more information about the Universal Orlando Resort holiday season:

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