New Classic Monsters Apparel Collection From Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween may be over, but monsters are forever. A new collection of Universal classic monsters apparel is now available at the Studio Store in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Frankensteins Long-Sleeved Shirt – $40

The Bride of Frankenstein appears in the silhouette of her husband’s head on the front of this black shirt.

“Frankenstein” is printed on the left sleeve in ombre green and yellow letters.

Bride of Frankenstein Tee – $35

This white shirt’s design is almost the exact opposite of the shirt above’s, featuring Frankenstein’s Monster within the iconic hair of the Bride.

Bride of Frankenstein Dress – $70

This black dress has an all-over pattern of green images.

It features the Bride’s silhouette among various sections of skeletons.

It has ties on the shoulder stripes.

Frankenstein Pullover Hoodie – $55

“He lives! He breathes! Frankenstein” is on the left breast of this black hoodie. It has a large front pocket and drawstring hood.

Frankenstein’s face and name are on the back against a gear shape.

The laboratory is behind him and lightning bolts shoot from his neck bolts.

Dracula Tee – $27

This shirt is red with a poster-like image of Dracula on the front.

“Children of the night” is on the back, right under the neckline.

Dracula Ball Cap – $28

This matching ball cap is black with “Children of the night” embroidered in red on the front. A silver-gray bat is above the words.

“Dracula” is on the side, also in blood red lettering.

Bride of Frankenstein Tee – $27

The Bride is featured on a poster image at the center of this shirt. A smaller image of the Bride and one of Frankenstein’s Monster are to the sides.

The shirt is solid gray, with “She’s alive!” in red script on the back.

Bride of Frankenstein Ball Cap – $28

The matching cap is also gray, with a cameo image of the Bride above “The Bride of Frankenstein” on the front.

“She’s alive!” is on the side.

The Mummy Tee – $27

This shirt is yellow-orange with a poster for the Mummy on the front.

“Thou shalt rise again!” is on the back below the neckline.

The Mummy Ball Cap – $28

The hat is green with white stitching. “The Mummy” is in yellow lettering next to a black and white image of a sarcophagus.

“Thou shalt rise again!” is on the side.

Frankenstein’s Monster Tee – $27

This shirt is gray-green, with a poster for Frankenstein on the front. It reads “The original horror show!”

On the back, it reads “He lives! He breathes!”

Frankenstein’s Monster Ball Cap – $28

The ball cap has a muted red brim, tan front, and gray-green back. The monster’s silhouette is on the front, above “Frankenstein” in orange letters.

“He lives! He breathes!” is embroidered in orange on the side.

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