“The Creature from the Black Lagoon” Room Now Open Upstairs at The Dead Coconut Club in Universal CityWalk Orlando

In just over a month, we’ve watched the Dead Coconut Club transform into the hottest spot in CityWalk. With its beautiful decor, fun live entertainment, and relics from former monstrous locations, we didn’t think it could get any better. Well, they’ve outdone themselves again because now guests can now lounge in Captain Lucas’s Lagoon Room, themed around the classic horror film “The Creature of the Black Lagoon”. Let’s head upstairs to check it out.

The brand new room is located inside The Dead Coconut Club, on the second level. After you enter the club, there’s a staircase on your right side.

A wooden sign on the first stair landing reads “This way. The Dead Coconut Club Presents Captain Lucas’s Lagoon Room.”

Going up the stairs, wall lamps have swamp moss hanging from them. This is a nice little touch we can appreciate.

Upon reaching the second floor, another sign reading “Captain Lucas’s Lagoon Room” hangs on a entryway organizer, with suitcases, hats, and a jacket.

Make your way into the Lagoon Room and have a drink in a more relaxed lounge area.

It’s absolutely perfect in here. Every detail, from patches of moss to a large “Creature from the Black Lagoon” poster, really pulls you into the room and makes you want to stay all night. The decor is amazing and we never want to leave.

There are tons of props and details all around the room and on the walls. We recognize several items from old attractions, Tribute Stores, and even Monsters Cafe!

Now would be a good time to have a drink and examine all the tiny artifacts on the shelves.

Seems like a lot of work around here for something that is supposedly for Halloween Horror Nights. Can we keep this all the time, please?

Just took a quick peek outside the doors.

Every time we see something from Monsters Cafe finding new life, our heart heals a little. Don’t forget you can see the electric chair from Monsters Cafe at the exit of the Tribute Store.

Here’s a nice, quiet little spot to sit and sip on a drink.

The Lagoon Room is on the second floor of the Dead Coconut Club and there are some tables and chairs along the balcony. Late at night, you’ll find a DJ, too.

After a long night at Halloween Horror Nights, this is a great little place to sit and take a break on your way out. The Dead Coconut Club is open from 5 PM to 1 AM during Halloween Horror Nights. There’s no cover charge, either, so you can stop in for a minute to check it out or stay and hang out all night. You can read our full review of the drink menu here. Be sure to stop by the Dead Coconut Club and check it out on your next visit to CityWalk Orlando.

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