REVIEW: Lil’ Boo Spicy Pumpkin Bun, Tombstone Red Velvet Cake Pop, Bog Slime 2, and More from Spooky Skeletons Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31

The Spooky Skeletons food booth, open only during Halloween Horror Nights 31 is probably one of the most anticipated food booths for the event… for one particularly special food item. The Lil’ Boo’s Spicy Pumpkin Bun is available at this booth, and we’re ready to devour it.

Menu for the Spooky Skeletons Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31


  • 🆕African Lentil & Potato Sambusa Coffin – $6.99
  • 🆕Pepperoni Pizza Skulls – $7.49
  • 🆕Tombstone Red Velvet Cake Pop – $5.99
  • 🆕Lil’ Boo’s Spicy Pumpkin Bun – $6.49


  • 🆕Bog Slime 2: The Sequel – $15.49
  • Voodoo Brewing Co. Lacto Cooler – $12.25
  • Modelo Especial – $10.50
  • White Claw – $10.50
  • Bud Light – $9.50

Photos of Menu Items from the Spooky Skeletons Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31

*NEW* African Lentil & Potato Sambusa Coffin – $6.99

African lentils, carrots, onion, garlic, and potato sambusa tossed in an Ethiopian spice blend and entombed in a light and flaky vegan pie dough coffin

This is super flavorful! It has a wide range of seasoning but isn’t as spicy as Lil’ Boo’s Spicy Pumpkin Bun (see below).

It really surprised us how much we all loved this one. There’s tons of filling and the vegan pie crust was firm, so it held up.

*NEW* Pepperoni Pizza Skulls – $7.49

 Skull crust stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and nestled in a bowl of marinara

This is simple but delicious. The skull is thick and there is tons of pepperoni filling.

There’s a nice kick to the marinara sauce.

*NEW* Tombstone Red Velvet Cake Pop – $5.99

Red velvet cake pop, coated in buttercream, on a bed of Oreo® cookie crumbs and white chocolate bones

This is a must have! The cake and buttercream were rich and decadent.

When paired with the plentiful bed of Oreo cookie pieces, it’s a knock out.

*NEW* Lil’ Boo’s Spicy Pumpkin Bun – $6.49

Orange steamed bao bun filled with a vegetarian, spicy butternut squash

This bun is adorable, spicy, and delicious!

The bun is super soft with tons of flavor. It’s packed full of spicy butternut squash filling but isn’t overly spicy.

We love this as much as Lil’ Boo.

*NEW* Bog Slime 2: The Sequel – $15.49

New Amsterdam vodka, Matcha cumin syrup, lime juice, honeydew syrup

This is kind of tart and sweet. It reminds us of lime-melon Powerade.

It doesn’t really taste like alcohol, which can be a plus for some and a minus for others.

Location of the Spooky Skeletons Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31

If you need to get your hands on a Lil’ Boo Spicy Pumpkin Bun, head over to this food booth, located on the Brownstone Street side of Gramercy Park of Universal Studios Florida.

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