REVIEW: Freshly Ground Princess, Spoiled Bear Meat, Brains, and More From Meetz Meats at Halloween Horror Nights 31 in Universal Studios Florida

If you’re feeling particularly brave while visiting Halloween Horror Nights 31, we challenge you to visit the Meetz Locker, which has the freshest cuts of meat you could ask for.

Walking up to the Meetz Locker, you’re greeted with an archway that leads you to Meetz Meats.

Meetz Meats and its mascot Meaty Meetz were introduced for 2009’s Leave It To Cleaver house. The butcher was reportedly the most popular in Carey, Ohio, due to their unconventional ingredients.

It appears that Meetz Meats will sell you any form of meat you’re looking for.

Don’t worry about this guy; he’s just… hanging around.

Menu for Meetz Meats at Halloween Horror Nights 31


  • 🆕Fried Zombie Brains – $8.99
  • 🆕Spicy Fried Chicken “Offals” – $9.99
  • 🆕Spoiled Angry Bear Meat – $6.49
  • 🆕Fresh Ground Princess – $6.49
  • Sour Beating Gummy Heart – $6.49


  • 🆕Bloody Mary – $11.49 ($15.49 with Souvenir glass)
  • Voodoo Brewing Co. Lacto Cooler – $12.25
  • Modelo Especial – $10.50
  • White Claw – $10.50
  • Bud Light – $9.50

Photos of Menu Items from Meetz Meats at Halloween Horror Nights 31

*NEW* Fried Zombie Brains – $8.99

Fried cauliflower florets, tossed in spicy gochujang sauce, garnished with toasted sesame seeds and scallions

These cauliflower bites are breaded and then coated in a spicy sauce. The breading and the sauce made the cauliflower feel too heavy, making this a pretty unfavorable treat.

*NEW* Spicy Fried Chicken “Offals” – $9.99

Crispy fried chicken thigh pieces, peanuts, crunchy chili, toasted sesame seeds, scallions, in a spicy gochujang sauce

The sauce is the same as on the cauliflower pieces, adding that extra spicy kick to the wings. The Offals are heavy in the breading, arguably more breading than actual chicken on some of the pieces. The peanuts sprinkled on top add an extra crunch that isn’t necessary, but added to the Asian flavor of the gochujang sauce. Between these and the cauliflower bites, this is the better of the two.

*NEW* Spoiled Angry Bear Meat – $6.49

Savory Flaming Hot Cheetos, and white cheddar flavored marshmallow treat

We found this treat to be pretty lackluster. In the first bite, you get an overload of sweetness from the marshmallow, to the point where it seems like white chocolate.

The white cheddar of the coating gets drowned out by the hot cheese flavor of the Cheetos. Also, while the Cheetos are sitting in the coating, they become soggy and stale.

*NEW* Fresh Ground Princess – $6.49

Sweet raspberry flavored rice crispy treat

This is a red dyed rice cake with raspberry jam. Due to the raspberry jam, we found the rice cake just gets soaked and stale, making it hard to eat. This treat is good for your Instagram feeds, but that’s about it.

Sour Beating Gummy Heart – $6.49

Sour gummy heart

The gummy heart is cherry flavored, and the cup on the side contains sour sugar crystals, which is nice for those who don’t enjoy sour treats. When the sugar crystals are added, the heart becomes very sour and sweet with all the sugar. It’s relatively thick and definitely not something one can eat on their own. The presentation in the case is really cool; the hearts look as though they are beating!

*NEW* Bloody Mary – $11.49 ($15.49 with Souvenir glass)

Traditional Bloody Mary, spiked with New Amsterdam vodka

This is a solid take on a Bloody Mary. There is a strong mix of both spice and tomato flavor, which doesn’t make the drink super sweet. The souvenir glass comes with a large celery stick as well. The vodka is pretty light, which is common with the cocktails of the event.

Location of Meetz Meats at Halloween Horror Nights 31

Meetz Meats is located in Sting Alley.

Meetz Meats is worth a visit not only for the food but for the decor, which definitely brings the horror element to Halloween Horror Nights.

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