PHOTOS, VIDEO: Every Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Merchandise Item (with Prices) from Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 merchandise has now arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood! And we have a full list of every single item now available to commemorate this year’s spooky season, complete with prices!

Some of the new items are directly inspired by “Halloween,” while others are more generally Halloween Horror Nights-themed.

You can take a full tour of the merchandise below courtesy of our YouTube channel, or keep on scrolling for photos and prices!

“Halloween” Poster – $18.00

This poster features Michael Myers holding a bloody knife as other symbols from the film series dot the rest of the poster.

“Never Go Alone” T-Shirt – $30.00

Featured are the terror of Haddonfield, Michael Myers, as well as characters from “The Black Phone” and “Freaky.” The event’s slogan, “Never Go Alone,” appears in the center.

“Never Go Alone” Hoodie – $57.00

The same art from the shirt appears on the back side. On the front is the simple “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2022” logo.

“Never Go Alone” Shot Glass – $10.00

The art featuring the Monsters, Haddonfield, Michael Myers, and well as characters from “The Black Phone” and “Freaky.” “Never go alone” appears in large yellow block letters.

“Never Go Alone” Picture Frame – $29.00

“Never Go Alone” Mug – $16.00

“Never Go Alone” Magnet – $9.00

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Houses Poster – $18.00

This poster features each of the houses coming to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood — Halloween, The Horrors of Blumhouse, Universal Monsters: Legends Collide, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, La Llorona: The Weeping Woman, Scarecrow: The Reaping, and the Terror Tram. Curiously, Universal Horror Hotel and The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare are both missing.

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Reusable Tote Bag – $6.00

This simple plastic bag features the text logo with blood spatter designs around the edges.

On the back is the event slogan with a bloody handprint and more blood spatter designs.

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Houses T-Shirt – $33.00

This blacklight-reflective shirt features each of the houses again except The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare and Universal Horror Hotel.

The Horrors of Blumhouse T-Shirt – $30.00

This “Double Feature” tee is for the Horrors of Blumhouse haunted house. It features the villains of “Black Phone” and “Freaky” on a retro-style double feature movie poster. “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2022” is in red on the left sleeve.

Chucky “Wanna Play?” T-Shirt – $30.00

Despite not being part of any announced plans for the event, Chucky has carved his way into the merchandise lineup with this black t-shirt, which features the 2022 logo in red on the sleeve.

Chucky Box T-Shirt – $30.00

This simple shirt features Chucky in his original “Good Guy” doll box, but with a tear across the eye to reveal his demented state.

Lil’ Boo Limited Release Magnet – $12.00

This limited release die-cast magnet features Lil’ Boo alongside ghosts, skeletons, and black cats celebrating this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Lil’ Boo iPhone Case – $35.00

The same imagery is replicated on the back of this case for iPhone 12/13 Pro Max.

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Universal Monsters iPhone Case – $35.00

On this case we see Dracula, Wolfie, and the Mummy as well as Anubis as a wolfman.

“Every Day is Halloween” iPhone Case – $35.00

Traditional creepy characters like skeletons, scarecrows, and witches take the stage on this iPhone 13 Pro case which reads “Every day is Halloween at Universal Studios.”

Lil’ Boo Apple Watch Band – $40.00

Here we see Lil’ Boo along with other Halloween symbols.

Lil’ Boo Baseball Cap – $28.00

Lil’ Boo takes center stage on this cap.

The back features the text logo.

Lil’ Boo Crop Top – $40.00

Here we see Lil’ Boo, a black cat, and a skeleton along with a stylized Halloween Horror Nights logo.

Lil’ Boo Youth T-Shirt – $25.00

The basic Lil’ Boo art is back on this youth shirt.

Lil’ Boo Crossbody Bag – $45.00

This crossbody bag is shaped like Lil’ Boo.

The back features the stylized Halloween Horror Nights logo.

And the lining inside is based on the Lil’ Boo key art.

“Every Day is Halloween” Ornament – $20.00

One side reads, “every day is Halloween” over an orange 31 and matching bats. It’s a fitting slogan, both since the 31st anniversary is a fun fit with October 31st, and since HHN extends the Halloween season over months.

The other side has the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2022 logo. A pumpkin and skull replace both “o” letters in “horror.”

Lil’ Boo Ornament – $20.00

Lil’ Boo takes up the front in sparkly orange.

On the back is the basic text logo.

Lil’ Boo Leggings – $35.00

These spooky leggings show a busy pattern of Lil’ Boo, spiderwebs, witches, skeletons, and bats. They are a skinny fit legging and go all the way down to the ankle.

They’re black leggings with cream, purple, and orange details. These Halloween leggings are stretchy with a wide top waistband.

Lil’ Boo Socks – $26.00

Lil’ Boo is atop these purple and black striped socks. Cobwebs dot the pattern.

Lil’ Boo Throw Blanket – $70.00

You can light a new HHN candle and cozy under the matching blanket, featuring Lil’ Boo. The blanket reads, “Every day is October 31 / Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.” It’s fairly large with lots of spooky details like a witch riding a broom, ghosts passing out candy, a haunted house, and other popular Halloween characters like the black cat and skeleton.

Lil’ Boo Sublimated Headband – $16.00

Lil’ Boo Earring Set – $20.00

Lil’ Boo, a black cat, and a skeleton head are the three choices here.

Lil’ Boo 4 Pack Button Set – $11.00

This pack contains four buttons with Halloween Horror Nights 31 characters such as Lil’ Boo. Other characters include a witch, a black cat, and a skeleton. They are roughly quarter-sized.

Lil’ Boo Handy Fan – $15.00

Cobwebs, bats, candy corn, and ghosts dot the fan along with the stylized Halloween Horror Nights logo. At the top center is Lil’ Boo, a black cat, and a skeleton.

Lil’ Boo Scented Candle – $20.00

The top of the candle lid shows Lil’ Boo and a skeleton.

Other Halloween characters are pictured along the side.

The candle smells the most fall-like out of the three new candles.

Lil’ Boo Multi-Use Decal Sheet – $12.00

Lil’ Boo Tumbler – $10.00

Lil’ Boo Wooden Sign – $37.00

The sign is multilayered to add some dimension.

Lil’ Boo Sipper – $18.00

The sipper is round and sits in the palm comfortably. Lil’ Boo’s face stares straight ahead, and the straw is his pumpkin stem at the top.

“Every Day is Halloween” Jersey – $65.00

This black jersey has an all-over pattern on the bottom half.

A retro-style Halloween Horror Nights 2022 logo is in orange, yellow, and green on the left breast. A jack-o’-lantern and skull replace the “o”s in “Horror.”

The pattern on the bottom features jack-o’-lanterns, skulls, ghosts, and witches.

“Every day is Halloween” is along the back shoulders. There are orange and white stripes on the sleeves.

“Every Day is Halloween” Long-Sleeved Button-Down Shirt – $75.00

This thick flannel shirt is in black and grey and features the logo on the front.

On the back is the standard “Every Day is Halloween at Universal Studios” key art.

Terror Tram Magnet – $9.00

Commemorating the Terror Tram, we see the “Nope” village introduced earlier this year.

Terror Tram Picture Frame – $29.00

On the frame we also see Jupiter’s Claim along with the tram itself.

Terror Tram T-Shirt – $35.00

Terror Tram Hooded Sweatshirt – $65.00

Both apparel items feature the same art.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Pass Member Exclusive Car Magnet – $9.00

Exclusively for Universal Studios Hollywood Pass Members, we have a Killer Klowns from Outer Space magnet.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Pass Member Exclusive Pin – $12.00

There’s also a Pass Member-exclusive pin featuring Slim and Fatso with “USH Pass Member” below.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Pass Member Exclusive Drawstring Bag – $28.00

Four of the Killer Klowns are featured on this USH Pass Member-exclusive drawstring bag.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Pass Member Exclusive T-Shirt – $30.00

The same art also features on this shirt.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Pass Member-Exclusive Scented Candle – $26

Three of the clowns take the center on this exclusive candle.

This one smells of cotton candy.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Scented Candle – $20

The Klowns appear on the top and sides holding futuristic blasters.

This smelled much more like popcorn.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Glass – $12

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Button Set – $11

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Decal Set – $12

Studio Screamers Button-Up – $70

Studio Screamers Decal Sheet – $12

Studio Screamers Black & White Frankenstein Figure – $22

Studio Screamers Ball Cap – $30

Studio Screamers Blanket – $50

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Long-Sleeved Shirt – $40

The front side features the house logo.

On the back is the art featuring several of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in the style of an old-time retro movie poster.

“Halloween” Backpack – $65

Perhaps the biggest (and most expensive) addition this time around is this mini backpack, which shows Michael, knife in hand.

The zipper pull even has a knife-shaped charm. On the side of the bag, a jack-o’-lantern appears below Judith Myers’ tombstone.

The inside lining features the Michael Myers mask and knives.

“Halloween” Pullover Hoodie – $57

“Halloween” Ringer Tee – $37

On both of these we see the Michael Myers-centric key art featuring scenes and icons from the “Halloween” films. The tee is blacklight-reactive.

Smith’s Grove Sanitarium Sign – $22

Former home to Michael Myers, now you can hang a metal blood-stained sign to commemorate the “Halloween” franchise at home.

“Halloween” Glass – $12

The glass also features scenes and icons from the “Halloween” franchise.

“Every Day is Halloween” Shirt – $30

“Halloween” Photo Frame – $29

“Halloween” Mug – $18

“Halloween” Scented Candle – $20

This had a pretty general autumn scent, but cinnamon apple was the most prominent of the smells.

“Halloween” Judith Myers Tombstone Ornament – $25

This collectible ornament is inspired by the tombstone of Judith Myers from “Halloween”.

“Halloween” Cap – $30

This black cap features Michael Myers at the very center with the “Halloween” logo below.

Pumpkins dot the sides.

The back features the text logo.

And the brim has art of pumpkins, Michael Myers, and knives.

“Halloween” Badge Reel – $14

Michael Myers is featured on this badge holder. His face is on the clip, too.

When you remove your ID or whatever you keep in the badge holder, you’ll see the Myers house and the words “The night he came home!”

“Halloween” Wallet – $28

Finally, this wallet shows off scenes from the movie, including a young Michael’s first kill.

Universal Monsters Long-Sleeve Shirt – $40

These shirts again feature the Mummy, Wolfie, and Dracula as well as an Anubis wolfman.

Universal Monsters Artist Signature Series Ladies Shirt – $35

Universal Monsters Scented Candle – $20

Universal Monsters Artist Signature Series Magnet – $9

Universal Monsters Artist Signature Series Shirt – $40

Universal Monsters Artist Signature Series Tumbler – $29

Universal Monsters: Legends Collide Glass – $12

Universal Monsters Frame – $29

Universal Monsters Raglan T-Shirt – $35

Halloween Horror Nights Beanie – $27

Reversible Halloween Horror Nights Bucket Hat – 34

One side features a black background with spooky pumpkins and skeletons.

The other is a plain orange design with the stylized Halloween Horror Nights logo.

Halloween Horror Nights Keychain – $14

This metal keychain reads “Every day is Halloween at Universal Studios.”

Every Day Is Halloween Badge Reel — $14

The front of the badge reel is black with familiar Halloween faces and leaves falling. The top is a key chain hook with a jack-o’-lantern tab.

“Every Day is Halloween” Wooden Sign – $37.00

“Every Day is Halloween” Coaster – $6

“Every Day is Halloween” Glass – $12

“Every Day is Halloween” Multi-Use Decal Sheet – $12.00

“Every Day is Halloween” Waist Bag – $32.00

Finally, jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts, scarecrows, and skeletons await on this waist bag.

iIn keeping with the theming, the zippers are colored orange and green. More ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, and skulls appear on the lining.

“Every Day is Halloween” Shot Glass – $12

“Every Day is Halloween Insulated Tumbler” – $29

Halloween Horror Nights Houses Ladies Tank Top – $35

“Every Day is Halloween” T-Shirt – $30

Dia de los Muertos Ladies T-Shirt – $35

Dia de los Muertos Scented Candle – $20

Sleepyville Critters Coffin Bag – $50

A stylized skeleton takes center stage surrounded by floral symbols.

“Every Day is Halloween” Scented Candle – $20

Dia de los Muertos Shirt – $40

All of these are available now at Universal Studios Hollywood just in time for Halloween Horror Nights to kick off! Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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