New Halloween Horror Nights 31 Merchandise (Including Frankenstein and Bride Collection) Available at Universal Orlando Resort

A plethora of new Halloween Horror Nights 31 merchandise has arrived in the past few weeks. We’ve been busy visiting all of the haunted houses at Universal Studios Florida, but we’re back to shopping now. Here’s everything new we’ve found, including merch featuring Universal Monsters, Lil’ Boo, and more.

Halloween Horror Nights Decal Sheet – $12

This decal sheet includes characters from various haunted houses, like Michael Myers and Dracula, plus the Halloween Horror Nights logo and this year’s “Never Go Alone” tag line.

Studio Screamers Frankenstein Popcorn – $10

This Frankenstein-inspired popcorn is green.

“I’m the Treat” Tee – $30

This black shirt reads “I’m the Treat” below a spooky scarecrow with a jack-o’-lantern head.

Boss Witch Tank – $35

If you’re more of a “Boss Witch,” this tank top is for you.

It features a witch’s hat above a bubbling cauldron and glows in the dark.

Pick Your Poison Glass – $12

“Pick Your Poison” to drink from this can-shaped glass featuring a skull, jack-o’-lanterns, spiderwebs, and other creepy Halloween iconography.

“Halloween Horror Nights 2022” is on the other side.

The Mummy Mug – $13

This mug features The Mummy.

It reads “Thou shalt rise again!”

Dracula Mug – $13

There are matching mugs for multiple monsters, including this Dracular mug.

Frankenstein Mug – $13

This one features Frankenstein and his Bride.

Bride of Frankenstein Tee – $35

This white shirt has the silhouette of the Bride of Frankenstein’s iconic profile.

Frankenstein and a green, fiery landscape are pictured in her hair.

“Bride of Frankenstein” is printed at the bottom.

Legends Collide Pin – $12

This pin features The Mummy, Wolfman, and Dracula from their Legends Collide house.

Halloween Horror Nights Button Pack – $11

This button set also includes the three legends, plus Anubis.

Limited Edition “Halloween” Mystery Pins – $16

One of these mystery boxes contains a limited edition “Halloween” pin.

Halloween Mix Candy Bag – $5

This hard candy is shaped like spiders, pumpkins, and other Halloween symbols.

Scream Squad Tee – $30

This “Scream Squad” shirt features some of the creepy creatures from Halloween Horror Nights 31 scare zones.

Halloween Nightmare Fuel Wildfire Magnet – $12

This magnet features a skull made of flames with the Halloween Nightmare Fuel Wildfire logo. It matches a recently released shirt.

Next up are four new Halloween Horror Nights patches.

The patches are peel and stick or sew-on.

Studio Screamers Frankenstein Patch – $11

This one features Frankenstein’s face.

Studio Screamers Bride of Frankenstein Patch – $11

While this patch is the Bride’s face.

Lil’ Boo Patch – $11

This patch is shaped like Lil’ Boo.

Halloween Horror Nights Patch – $11

And this one is the Halloween Horror Nights 2022 logo.

Frankenstein Throw Blanket – $70

This throw blanket features Frankenstein’s Monster, “The Original Horror Show!”

There are four pairs of monster-inspired socks.

The Mummy Socks – $17

These are patterned all-over with Mummy-related images, like scarabs, and vintage newspaperss.

Bride of Frankenstein Socks – $17

These socks feature skeletons and the Bride’s silhouette.

Frankenstein Socks – $17

These black and green socks have science beakers, gloves, and more mixed up with the silhouette of Frankenstein’s Monster.

Dracula Socks – $17

These black socks are patterned all-over with different versions of red Dracula logos.

Dracula Ball Cap – $28

This black ball cap reads “Children of the Night” in red on the front.

A white bat is embroidered above the words.

“Dracula” is on the side.

Pumpkin Spice Bark – $12

Another Halloween-inspired snack is pumpkin spice bark in a tin featuring Lil’ Boo.

Bride of Frankenstein Shot Glass – $10

Each of these shot glasses features a different monster.

The Mummy Shot Glass – $10

Dracula Shot Glass – $10

Frankenstein Shot Glass – $10

The magnets have the same design as the shot glasses and mugs.

Dracula Wood Magnet – $12

The Mummy Wood Magnet – $12

Wood Magnet – $12

Wood Magnet – $12

Studio Screamers Freestyle Tumbler – $28.99

This Freestyle tumbler features several Universal Monsters and characters.

This tumbler can be used for drink refills throughout Universal Orlando Resort.

Halloween Horror Nights Folding Fan – $15

This folding fan is black and covered in spiderwebs, candy corn, ghosts, and stars.

It glows in the dark.

A cat, Lil’ Boo, and a skull are featured at the center above “Halloween Horror Nights.”

Frankenstein Pullover Hoodie – $55

This black pullover features Frankenstein’s Monster on the back in a cog.

“He Lives! He Breathes!” is on the front left breast.

Bride of Frankenstein Reversible Bucket Hat – $30

The bucket hat is black on one side, reading “She’s alive!” along the brom. It features a cameo patch of the Bride of Frankenstein on the top section.

The other side is green with an all-over pattern of the Bride’s cameo.

Frankenstein Ball Cap – $27

This ball cap is black with a green brim. “Frankenstein” is across the front.

“He lives!” is on the back.

The underside of the brim features the monster’s silhouette patterned among science experiment supplies.

Bride of Frankenstein Backpack – $60

The black diamond-patterned backpack once again features the Bride’s cameo on a patch near the top.

The front pocket’s zipper pull is a lightning bolt.

Bride of Frankenstein Cameo Pin – $11

This pin features the same cameo of the Bride.

It’s sculpted for a three-dimensional effect.

Frankenstein Pin – $11

This pin features Frankenstein’s Monster’s face amidst several cogs.

Bride of Frankenstein Cameo Keychain – $13

The same designs are on two keychains.

Frankenstein Keychain – $13

Bride of Frankenstein Print – $15

These prints feature the same images as the magnets, mugs, etc. above. The Bride is in Frankenstein’s experiment room.

The Mummy Print – $15

The Mummy is in an ancient tomb, having just emerged from a sarcophagus.

Dracula Print – $15

Dracula is surrounded by stone walls, one hand outstretched.

Frankenstein Print – $15

A wall of tools is behind Frankenstein’s Monster.

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