Cauldron Set Pieces, Stages and More Added for Halloween Horror Nights 31 at Universal Studios Florida

With just weeks to go before Halloween Horror Nights 31 overtakes Universal Studios Florida, even more set pieces are being installed around the park for the event. Let’s see what’s new!

Looking down Production Central, more trusses for lighting have been installed near the former Shrek 4-D building and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.

According to Horror Night Nightmares’ speculation map, this area should be home to a traditional Halloween-themed scare zone.

Over in San Francisco, something more sinister has appeared in the form of a ancient-looking stage, complete with a cauldron.

Rune-like symbols have been carved at points around the stage.

The speculation map has the area listed as a potential Coven Witches scare zone. Could this be where the witches practice their dark magic?

And that cauldron looks awfully big… big enough to possibly hold a human sacrifice.

Given that there are stairs nearby, the sacrifice might just be picked out of the crowd.

More symbols appear underneath.

Over by the former Fear Factor Live stage, black curtains have been hung up, likely for a new production of Halloween Nightmare Fuel.

Heading over to Springfield, U.S.A., we found a stage being erected next to Lard Lad Donuts.

Things seem to be in the early stages, as no set dressing has been added.

The area is expected to be part of a scarecrow-themed scare zone, based on the speculation map.

Finally, Nettlewoods Cemetery is looking fuller over in Hollywood with the addition of this crypt and mausoleum.

Right now, there aren’t any markers noting the dead. Are they awaiting new arrivals?

Decrepit tree branches are scattered across the top.

Meanwhile, the mausoleum entrance seems like the perfect place for a Scareactor to spring out of.

Peeking inside, we found a group of speakers.

Another speaker was installed at the church set piece that was erected last week.

With Halloween Horror Nights creeping ever closer, it won’t be long before we officially find out just what all these sets mean.

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