Guests Can Add Their Photo to a Halloween Tribute Store Mausoleum Plaque at Universal Studios Florida

Guests can now sign up to add an “In Memoriam” style photo of themselves to their own Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store mausoleum plaque at Universal Studios Florida!

halloween tribute store plaque

Tribute Store Mausoleum Plaque — $129

The upcoming Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida is planning a mausoleum-themed hallway where those “laid to rest” will be guests themselves! For $129, you pick your name and send in a photo of yourself to be featured on a plaque in the hallway. The guest will select their own “birth year” and “death year;” however, both dates must be prior to 1954 since the use of mausoleums was primarily before that date. We love the commitment to theming!

There will be three different types of plaques with various epitaph phrases that will be selected for each guest.

Once the Halloween Tribute Store closes, guests have the choice of picking up their plaque in person at Universal Studios or paying to have it shipped to them directly. These plaques can be ordered at Five & Dime, the Tribute Store, or All Hallows Eve Boutique.

Are you interested in haunting the hallways of the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store this fall? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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