Construction Walls Go Up in Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal’s Island of Adventure

Construction walls have gone up around the meteor landing area for refurbishment. Don’t get excited, though, as it’s likely for either more stroller parking or to fix the cracked pavement.

Just past the outstretched claws of Wolverine, the purple and blue wall surrounds the entirety of the meteor crash, the Fruit Stand, and Chomp Hot Dogs — which are temporarily closed.

Ms. Marvel and the Falcon decorate this portion of the wall.

On this side, we have Hawkeye and Vision.

On this corner, we have Reed Richards.

Some of the more recognizable superheroes are on the main wall, including Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-Man, just to name a few.

And Storm, of course.

The Spider-Man photo op location is still open.

Meteor Landing, Chomp Hot Dogs, and the Fruit Stand

For comparison, this is the area that is currently blocked off by the Marvel-themed construction wall.

Is it unlikely that any of the theming will change.

Chomp Hot Dogs and the Fruit Stand should open up again soon.

Let us know what you think of the Marvel-themed construction walls in the comments below!

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