REVIEW: New Latin Fork Bowl, Guava and Cream Cheese Quesito, and More Summer Foods from Battery Park at Universal Studios Florida

Welcome back summer! The food stand at Battery Park has reopened with a delicious new menu for the summer at Universal Studios Florida. Battery Park is located across from Mel’s Drive-In, near Transformers: The Ride 3D. Let’s take a look at what’s on the menu.



  • Adult Bagged Lunch: Pressed Cuban sandwich, Guava and Cream Cheese Quesito, and choice of Yucca fries or Cajun chips – $18.99
  • Child Bagged Lunch: Half Pressed Cuban sandwich, Guava and Cream Cheese Quesito, and choice of Yucca fries or Cajun chips – $11.99
  • 🆕Latin Fork Bowl: Papa Rellena, crispy Mojo Yucca, black beans, and rice – $13.99
  • Watermelon & Pineapple Tajín Bowl – $4.79
  • 🆕Guava and Cream Cheese Quesito – $4.29


  • Mangonada: A traditional beverage blended with mango, lime, chamoy, and Tajín – $7.50
  • Mangonada & Tequila Floater – $13

The Cuban sandwich is a returning dish, along with the watermelon & pineapple Tajín bowl. The Mangonada also returns with the Mangonada with a tequila floater. Today we’re going to try the new items: the Latin Fork Bowl and guava and cream cheese quesito.

*NEW* Latin Fork Bowl – $13.99

Papa Rellena, crispy Mojo Yucca, black beans, and rice

This bowl is beautiful and already looks like a great size for the price. We’re always looking to get the most for our money when eating in the theme parks!

The base of this dish is made up of rice and beans. On top, you’ll find a large papa rellena, yucca, onion mojo, and cilantro aioli. We’re excited for this one.

The outside of the papa rellena is crispy, but the inside is creamy and smooth. It took a few bites to find the meat filling inside the potato, but it was perfectly cooked throughout. The yucca was extremely crunchy and the cilantro aioli added a nice, subtle flavor to the entire dish.

We highly recommend the Latin Fork Bowl if you’re visiting Universal Studios Florida this summer.

*NEW* Guava and Cream Cheese Quesito – $4.99

We went in with moderate expectations for this but we were truly blown away. Not only is this a great portion size for your money, but it was absolutely fantastic.

The warm, fluffy pastry is covered by a crunchy sugar coating that adds both texture and sweetness. The flaky layers are soft and delicate, with the fruity guava flavor standing out at first bite. The cream cheese paired perfectly with the guava filling, making this a snack we couldn’t get enough of. We loved every bite of this quesito. It’s an absolute must-have snack on your next visit to Universal Orlando.

We highly recommend everything at the Battery Park summer food booth, but the guava and cream cheese quesito won us over. Battery Park will be a frequent stop for us over the summer. You can also take a closer look at these dishes in our video review below.

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