REVIEW: Dive Into The Chocolate and Red Velvet “Jaws” Fishbowl Cakes from Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

We’re gonna need a bigger boat to bring home all these treats from the classic movies-themed summer Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida. Among the beautifully crafted desserts, two “JAWS” Fishbowl Cakes called to us to try them first. Let’s dive in and see how they taste!

Take a full photo and video tour of the tribute store here.

You know we can’t resist a good souvenir cup. These “JAWS” fishbowl cakes are served in plastic souvenir bowls that you can take home and reuse. They got us hook, line, and sinker.

Jaws Chocolate Fishbowl Cake – $16

This is a massive bowl of cake and perfect for sharing. The chocolate cake is extremely soft and fresh. There’s a lot of cake, but there’s plenty of frosting to go around. Between the layers of cake, you’ll find a sweet buttercream frosting.

A thick, gel icing and a silver gummy shark top off this delicious fishbowl cake.

We absolutely loved each bite of this fish bowl cake. The chocolate cake was to die for and you can never go wrong with a souvenir bowl.

Jaws Red Velvet Fishbowl Cake – $16

The red velvet version of this fish bowl cake was equally as delicious, but clearly gets bonus points for being red.

This cake bowl looks like what you would expect to see after a shark attack. Perfectly themed treat right here.

The Red Velvet “JAWS” Fish Bowl Cake was just slightly better than the chocolate version, but you really can’t go wrong with either of them. You can also watch our video review of these cakes down below.

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