REVIEW: ‘Back to the Future’ Fruit Punch and Lemonade Hoverboard Whoopie Pies from the Summer Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

The Tribute Store is incredibly themed this summer, as always, so it’s no surprise that the snacks in room four are equally as impressive. We’ve tried the “JAWS” fish bowls, but now it’s time to grab the two different Hoverboard Whoopie Pies.

Fruit Punch Hoverboard Whoopie Pie – $5.00

The turquois-colored Hoverboard is fruit punch flavored. The flavor isn’t extremely sugary sweet, but it is very artificial. The cake and the filling both taste exactly like Kool Aid or Hawaiian Punch. The Nerds candy on the side was our favorite part and gives the snack a crunchy, tart flavor. Unfortunately, we were not fans of the fruit punch taste. This might be popular with kids, but it just didn’t do much for us.

Lemonade Hoverboard Whoopie Pie – $5.00

This was much better than the fruit punch version. The lemonade flavor was sweet, without being too intense. The Nerds paired well with the lemon flavor of the filling and cake. The edible Hoverboard image on the front is a nice touch to add to the theme of the Tribute Store. The cake is perfect and there’s just the right amount of filling. Between the two Hoverboards, we would choose this lemonade one again.

Watch our video review of these two Hoverboards below.

We’re always excited to find a good themed dessert, and even if these didn’t impress us as much as we had hoped, we still give them points for creativity. Make sure you get over to the Tribute Store soon to try all the snacks for yourself!

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