New Minions LEGO Set, Pins, Magnets, and More Blast Into Universal Studios Hollywood

Prepare for “Minions: The Rise of Gru” with new toy sets, a LEGO set, pins, magnets, and a tumbler now available at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Minions Movie Moments: Pedal Power Gru Set – $40

This set recreates a scene from the new movie, with a young Gru on a homemade motorcycle.

He comes with one of his Minion pals.

The wheels actually rotate.

Minions Movie Moments: Martial Arts Minions Set – $40

This set features two Minions in yellow martial arts outfits.

They have sparring gear and a machine with Tim the teddy bear on top.

The sparring gear can attach to the machine or Stuart and Bob can hold the weapons.

Minions Kung Fu Battle LEGO Set – $50

This set has 310 pieces to recreate a Kung Fu battle. It includes figures of Stuart, Otto, and Kevin.

There is a Chinese dragon puppet and temple.

Minions Magnet Set – $14

This set includes four magnets all featuring a one-eyed Minion’s face. One is a flower with the face at the center. Another is just the top of the Minion’s head, with no mouth. One is just the Minion’s face, and the final pin has wings on the sides.

Minions Magnet Set – $14

This set is of the four main Minions: Stuart, Kevin, Bob, and Otto.

Minions “Please” Pin – $10

This pin is a circle with three Minions and the word “please” repeated several times behind them.

Minions Sunset Pin – $8

A Minion’s face replaces the sun on this pin, with white, green, and blue stripes above. There are cacti to the sides.

Minions “Whaaaaa?” Pin – $10

Otto the Minion is saying “Whaaaaa?” on this pin.

Minions Pin – $8

This pin is the “Minions” logo, with yellow lettering and a Minion eye in the “o.”

Minion Light-Up Spinner Toy – $15

The flag image of a Minion is atop this blue wand.

The yellow Minion wears goggles and blue overalls.

The button to operate the spinner is on the side of the wand.

The Minion spins and lights up blue at the same time.

Minions Tumbler – $16.95

This yellow tumbler is patterned all over with images of various Minions. They blend in with the background, so they are only visible thanks to their goggles, overalls, hair, and gloves.

It has a black slide-top lid.

Check out the Minions car-shaped popcorn bucket also available at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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