Construction Walls Surround Closed Universal Studios Classic Monsters Café, Shrek and Donkey Meet & Greet at Universal Studios Florida

The Universal Studios Classic Monsters Café at Universal Studios Florida closed permanently a few weeks ago and is now surrounded by construction walls.

The bright blue walls completely surround the outside of the café and the Shrek and Donkey meet-and-greet location.

Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona are set to greet guests at another location temporarily.

No construction is visible behind the blue walls yet.

The Monsters Café marquee is still present.

Awnings still hang from the side of the building.

The walls curve onto the sidewalk behind the still open Bone Chillin’ beverage kiosk.

The other Monsters Café marquee is visible behind the construction walls on this end.

The walls then jut back out into the street on the other side of the kiosk.

They stretch the full length of the Transformers: The Ride 3D building.

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