Classic Movies Pennant, Backpack, and Ornament Arrive at Summer Tribute Store in Universal Studios Florida

The Summer Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida is inspired by “E.T.,” “Back to the Future,” and “Jaws,” and we spotted a new pennant, drawstring backpack, and personalizable ornament featuring all three classic movies at the store this week!

These items can be found in the final room of the store.

Classic Movies Pennant – $13

The pennant features icons from the three films.

E.T., with the moon above him, is on the flat end.

A forest is pictured in the background.

The flying DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future” is at the center.

The shark from “Jaws” emerges from water next to the Universal Studios globe logo at the pointed end of the pennant.

Classic Movies Drawstring Backpack – $22

The backpack features the same imagery, but in a cluster around the Universal Studios globe.

It has grey drawstring straps.

The background is black, with a few white and gold stars.

Classic Movies U-Design Ornament – $

This personalizable ornament is available in the U-Design machine near the check out.

In addition to the images from the pennant and backpack, it also features E.T.’s spaceship, the clock tower from “Back to the Future,” and a boat from “Jaws.” They are on three vertical film strips, with the Universal Studios logo at the bottom.

The ornament is circular, with the hole for a ribbon at the top.

In the machine, you can choose it with or without a 3-D effect.

You can add your name along the bottom in white lettering.

Are you collecting some of this classic movies merch, or just focusing on merchandise of your favorite flick? Let us know in the comments.

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