Bowser’s Castle Continues to Take Shape at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood

Themed paneling now covers most of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Crews continue to work on Bowser’s castle, which is at the back of the land.

The land is surrounded by large, flat green hills.

Guests will enter Super Nintendo World through a tunnel. Light blue paneling now covers the weather-proof sheathing of the walls above the tunnel.

A ghostly white tarp covers a pillar near the entrance. Some scaffolding and black tarps remain beneath the pyramids. We saw a crew member working there during our most recent visit.

Crews are also still working on the platform cutting across the center of the land.

Crews removed the black tarps covering most of the castle and we can now see the grey-colored front. The purple weather-proof sheathing is still exposed on the three top towers. The entire structure is still surrounded by scaffolding. We could see two crew members working on the ramparts, and the dark entrance to the castle below.

Other than some exposed steel at the center, Mt. Beanpole seems complete, including cloud platforms on the front.

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