PHOTO & VIDEO TOUR: Universal Monsters Take Over the All Hallows ‘Hula’ Boutique for Summer at Islands of Adventure

The All Hallows Eve Boutique has received a summer overlay to become the All Hallows Hula Boutique at Islands of Adventure, and the Universal Monsters have crashed the party. Guests mourning the loss of the Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café may find the store to offer small comfort in these trying times.

Guests are greeted by Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride, decked out in summertime styles.

The shop is decorated with leis and surfboards. The Bride and her husband are rocking 1950s beach vibes.

The deck they stand on is decorated in island style, complete with a crab.

Of course, this is still the year-round Halloween store, so it has to have some spooky skulls and such.

Netting, Moai statues (Easter Island heads), and more now accompany the ever-present pumpkins and creepy creatures.

The surfboards are decorated with tiki-esque versions of the Monsters. This blue board has the Creature From the Black Lagoon (top) and the Wolfman (bottom).

The red board features our favorite couple.

The Wolfman drives a hearse with surfboards strapped to the side.

The Gill-man is rocking a straw hat and casual button-down, surrounded by tons of tropical decor.

Art in the style of retro postcards can be found.

A large Moai sculpture is near the checkout counter.

Watch our full video tour of the All Hallows Hula Boutique below.

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