PHOTO & VIDEO TOUR: In Memoriam — Take One Last Look at Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café at Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café at Universal Studios Florida has closed permanently after over 20 years of serving guests. There are a lot of great themed restaurants around the Universal Orlando Resort, but Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café was one of the best. This restaurant was located towards the front of the park, across from the Music Plaza Stage.

The electric chair outside was a good indication you were in the right place. This had always been a popular photo spot with guests.

At the entrance, next to the doors, posters for old classic horror movies featuring the Mummy and the Invisible Man were on display.

Frankenstein’s Monster had a clapboard sign to tell guests the hours of the restaurant. Sadly, it will remain closed forever now.

The lights around the exterior of the building were elegant and spooky at the same time.

Photos of the monsters lined the entrance, along with figures of Frankenstein’s Monster and the Wolfman hiding in the trees.

The restaurant was cafeteria style, so guests would order and pick up food before making their way to the register to pay. Sounds of a lightning storm filled this area and would make the instrument above spark and light up.

The menu here changed over the years, but at the time of closing, offered themed meals like the Vampire and the Mummy, featuring brisket, chicken, sausage, pulled pork, and jack fruit. Sides included Mac and Cheese, French Fang Fries, Swamp Coleslaw, Creepy Cauliflower, Coffin Cornbread, and Brussel Sprouts. The Crypt Cookie was always a good choice for dessert, too.

Busts by Tom Savini were placed around the center of the restaurant where guests ordered. These were beautiful sculptures of beloved classic monsters.

Beakers and test tubes of different colored liquids were displayed above the condiment stations. The details in this place were simply amazing.

To the left, guests could enter the Crypt Dining room first. Inside this room, there were props and posters for the Invisible Man, Phantom of the Opera, and The Mummy.

Check out that chandelier. The walls and set lighting gave off the vibes of a working movie set in some places, but the whole room really immersed you into the crypt.

If you look up, you may find actor chairs for some of your favorite monsters. It looks like the Mummy just wrapped filming over here. This chair was directly over one of the booths in the Crypt Dining.

The lighting in each room really created the perfect atmosphere. The gentle flickering light against this wall was beautiful. Take a closer look at some of those hieroglyphics.

The hieroglyphics on the wall featured food and utensils. Just one of the many great details that made this restaurant unique.

The restrooms even had themed signs and doors. The Bride was on the women’s restroom door and sign and Frankenstein’s Monster was on the men’s door and sign.

An eerie glow of red light filled the first section of the Mansion Dining room. Dracula’s chair was suspended, upside down, from the ceiling.

Props, paintings, and more items could be found on display on the walls around the restaurant.

The illusion of a grand staircase in this room was another great detail.

Creeping further into the Mansion Dining, guests would encounter signs of Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster, including his chair suspended from above. There were even shackles on the armrests of the Monster’s chair.

Towards the back, you would find more of Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory. The seats along the wall were even designed to look like the Bride of Frankenstein’s hair. Screens throughout the restaurant would play old black and white movie clips from classic horror and sci-fi movies. This was one of the best parts of hanging out in Monsters Café.

This was the ultimate dining experience for a horror fan.

On the other side of the restaurant, there were more themed rooms. The first room you would encounter would be the Swamp Dining.

Creature’s chair was covered in netting and a basket on the side.

The eerie, green lighting was a strong indication you were in the swamp. The water effect from the lighting was really nice in here. This dark, dim room was perfect for fans of the Wolfman and the Creature.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon was on display near the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

The side of the Rita made up one of the walls in here and on the other side, there was a mural of the Wolfman on the wall. The trees and jagged backs of the booth seating made the Wolfman look even creepier.

Patches of fur could be seen stuck all over the Wolfman’s chair.

The Space Dining Room would put you right in the center of an old sci-fi movie. Check out those aliens.

Alien ray guns and weapons were on display on the walls along with a UFO crashed into the moon-like ceiling.

If you continued into the back corner of the Space Dining room, some large, eight-legged friends would welcome you for lunch.

This room could send some people running in true fear. A pair of giant spiders with red eyes and hairy legs would watch you while you dined.

The spider bursting through the wall had to be one of the best parts of this restaurant.

LED lights changed color, illuminating twisted alien faces on display.

The galactic swirls on these windows were mesmerizing and another fantastic detail from this incredible restaurant.

Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café closed permanently on Friday, May 13, 2022. That’s right. This spooky restaurant closed permanently on Friday the 13th. Rest in Peace, Monsters Café. You can take a full tour of the restaurant in our video below and be sure to leave us a comment and let us know how you feel about the closure of Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café.

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