New ‘Jaws,’ ‘Back to the Future,’ and ‘E.T.’ Merchandise Collections at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Four new merchandise collections have arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood. One celebrates the 40th anniversary of “E.T.” Two more are inspired by “Jaws” and “Back to the Future,” while the fourth features all three retro films. We found these collections in Production Central at CityWalk, which recently moved to the former Cartooniversal shop.

Watch our full merchandise tour below, and keep scrolling to see closeups and prices for each item.

E.T. Merchandise

E.T. “Be Good” Mug – $15

This white ceramic mug features E.T. wearing Elliot’s red hoodie. E.T. is standing on top of the phrase, “Be Good,” written in grey and black.

The background of this mug depicts the famous silhouette of Elliot and E.T. flying a bicycle in front of the moon.

The phrase “I Love E.T.” can be seen inside the mug. A heart replaces the “O” in “Love.”

E.T. Felt Pennant – $12

This felt pennant also features E.T. wearing Elliot’s red hoodie. The alien is smiling. The bicycle silhouette appears above E.T.’s gesturing hand.

The moon is a bright, light blue. The background of the felt pennant is dark blue. Several white stars appear along the design.

The back of the pennant is blank.

E.T. Raglan – $60

Next is this “E.T.”-themed raglan. It is white with gray sleeves and a hood.

The question “Where Are You From?” is displayed above a colorful design. The central design features a spectrum of colors in the shape of Venetian blinds. E.T. and Elliot appear as white silhouettes, separating the colors of the blinds.

A tagline is displayed beneath this illustration. It reads: “The mystery. The suspense. The adventure. The call… that started it all.” The words are orange.

“E.T. 40” appears beneath the tagline. The “0” in “40” is the famous bicycle and moon logo.

The left sleeve contains the bicycle and moon logo in red. A racing stripe pattern flows behind the logo. The stripes are shades of red, orange, and yellow.

The white and gray raglan does not contain imagery on the back.

E.T. Figure – $27

We then discovered an “E.T.” Collectible Figure from Bendyfigs. E.T. comes packaged with a flower pot with blooming flowers. E.T.’s right-hand pointer finger appears to “glow.”

The front of the figure card features an exciting illustration of E.T. His pointed finger is glowing, as is the red “heart light” in his chest.

The back of the card features another lovely illustration of E.T. He is holding his pot of flowers inside a colorful circular design. A detail of the E.T. figure on a display stand is also depicted.

E.T. Mug – $15

Next, we found another mug. This features a white and blue moon. The black sky is dotted with white stars. In the center, Elliot and E.T. fly in front of the moon.

The bicycle and moon design is familiar to fans of “E.T.” and is also used for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

“Universal Studios” appears in white on the mug’s surface.

A white “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” logo appears to the right of the moon.

The mug’s interior is blue.

E.T. Moon Tee – $27

Elliott and E.T. are flying in front of the moon again on this bold, circular design. The heroes’ dark silhouette matches the trees below.

The moon is white and light blue. The movie logo appears in the moon’s top right. White stars decorate the shirt’s black color.

The back of the shirt is solid black.

E.T. Poster Tee – $19.95

This poster shirt is black, with a sparkling frame around the central design.

Elliot and E.T.’s hands reach across the shirt. The bicycle silhouette, moon, and forest are depicted in the background. The movie logo appears at the bottom in white.

This black shirt reads “If Lost, Phone Home!” on its back. The lettering is white and surrounded by glittering stars.

E.T. Lanyard – $13

Next, we noticed a lanyard commemorating the 40th Anniversary of “E.T.” The movie title is depicted in black. Red, yellow and orange stripes appear beneath the lettering.

A number of adorable illustrations can be seen on this lanyard. E.T. gestures, finger and heart glowing. Elliott, Gertie, and Michael look at the alien in wonder.

E.T. poses in front of the children’s stuffed animal collection. E.T. is reaching again, with his finger glowing.

Also depicted on the lanyard: Elliot and E.T.’s bicycle flight; Gertie saying goodbye to E.T., who holds his geraniums; E.T.’s spaceship in the forest; and again, blasting through the sky, leaving behind a rainbow.

The reverse sides of this lanyard are black and decorated with numerous blue and white images.

“Universal Studios” and “E.T. 40” appear among constellations.

The constellations take the shape of the “E.T.” logo; E.T.’s face; the spaceship; the bicycle flight; the moon; and E.T.’s glowing finger reaching for Elliott’s hand.

E.T. Towel – $27

This towel features the bicycle flight in the top right corner. E.T. features prominently in the center, his finger glowing red. E.T.’s spaceship floats behind him. The white movie logo is surrounded by trees at the bottom of the towel. E.T. is in full color, with piercing blue eyes. The background consists of shades of blue, dotted with white stars.

E.T. Tee – $25

We spotted this busy shirt, which features many illustrations of E.T. The alien can be seen riding in the basket of Elliot’s bicycle. E.T. also wears a blue hoodie and the dress-up outfit provided by Gertie. The moon, geraniums, movie logo, and spaceship are also included.

The back of this shirt is solid black.

E.T. Spaceship Tee – $35

Next, we saw this shirt featuring E.T.’s spaceship. The ship is blasting off above a rainbow pattern. “The Extra-Terrestrial” is written in white at the top of the cone-shaped graphic. The film’s year of release, 1982, is also depicted.

The back of the shirt does not contain imagery.

A colorful spaceship logo appears on the left hand sleeve. “Man From The Moon,” a quote from Gertie, is written in between multi-colored loops. “E.T. 40” is featured in white below this sleeve illustration.

E.T. License Plate – $13

Also available is this license plate. “Universal Studios” is written in white at the top center. The main illustration is of Elliot and E.T.’s bicycle flight. The night sky is black and blue, with white stars. The large moon takes center stage in blue and white. Black trees line the bottom of the plate. The movie logo appears in white in the bottom right corner.

E.T. Loungefly Backpack – $82

This cute and simple E.T. Loungefly Backpack features E.T.’s face peeking out from the basket of Elliot’s bicycle. E.T.’s expressive face is stitched in brown. His sparkling blue eyes draw you in.

The basket is depicted in gray and off-white. The front of the basket acts as the backpack’s smaller pouch.

The center and back of the backpack are red and blue. The red matches the color of Elliot’s hoodie. The blue might represent the full moon from the famous logo.

A blue and red Loungefly logo is stitched on one side. It features the movie title, as well.

Here is the red design of the black, with blue straps and handle.

“ET Phone Home” is written on the back, alongside a blue silhouette of E.T.

The bicycle flight appears as a blue-colored pattern inside. The movie logo is printed in dark blue across a light blue background. Movie quotes also appear, including “Phone Home” and “I’ll Be Right Here.”

E.T. Loungefly Wallet – $ (NEED PRICE)

This cute Loungefly wallet also features E.T. peeking out from the bicycle basket.

The back of the wallet features the white and grey basket pattern, along with the red and blue movie logo.

The zipper and interior showcase the red color of Elliot’s hoodie.

E.T. “Phone Home” Tee – $35

This retro-inspired ringer tee features a movie still above the repeated phrase, “Phone Home.” The still depicts E.T. saying goodbye to Elliott as the spaceship looms in the background. An eyeball icon, “Phone Home” logo, and E.T. 40 logo, appear above the central image.

The back of the shirt does not contain imagery.

E.T. Phone Home Charms Keychain – $11.00

This cute keychain cleverly depicts “E.T. Phone Home” with small charms of E.T., a telephone, and a home.

E.T. “Where Are You From?” Pin – $8.00

This is a metal pin, featuring “Where Are You From?” above rainbow-colored Venetian blinds. E.T. and Elliot’s silhouettes appear within the blinds. The pin includes a star-shaped pin back.

E.T. Constellation Button 4-Pack – $8.00

This 4-pack classic button pack features purple E.T.-inspired designs on circular black buttons. The designs are the “E.T.” movie logo, E.T. and Elliot’s hands, the bicycle flight, and the phrase “Phone Home.” The purple constellations are highlighted with white stars.

The old school pin-back button design, seen from the back.

E.T. Thimble – $14.00

You’re probably wondering, “OK, but where’s an E.T. thimble?” Well, it’s right here. E.T. sits atop the thimble inside the bicycle basket. The basket is labeled with the movie title. E.T. wears a hoodie and is pointing up.

The thimble depicts E.T. and Elliot’s bicycle flight, along with the movie title.

The thimble is part of the 40th anniversary celebration.

E.T. Spaceship and Flower Charm Keychain – $14.00

This keychain contains a gorgeous circular charm featuring E.T. smiling face amongst the stars. It also includes delightful miniature charms depicting E.T.’s spaceship and a pot of geraniums.

E.T. Stickers Sheet – $8.00

Next up, we noticed this sheet of stickers.

There are four sticker designs. First is a circular image of E.T. in front of a purple-hued rainbow. The words “The Extra-Terrestrial” and “Since 1982” appear on the sticker.

Next is a light blue heart, with “I Love E.T.” written in black. A red heart replaces the “O” in “Love.”

A square-shaped sticker features the moon and bicycle flight imagery. “E.T. Phone Home” appears in bold purple.

Finally, E.T’s beloved pot of geraniums appears on a colorful sticker. The phrase “I’ll Be Right Here” is printed at the bottom.

E.T. and Geraniums Pin Set – $13.00

This set of pins includes E.T. holding his pot of geraniums on the left. The right pin reads “I’ll Be Right Here” below the flower pot.

E.T. Phone Home – 3 Pin Set – $13.00

This set of small pins features E.T.’s smiling face, an orange telephone, and a blue home.

E.T. in Red Hoodie Keychain – $12.00

This keychain features a figurine of E.T., wearing Elliot’s hoodie. His glowing finger is raised.

The movie title is printed in black on the back of the red hoodie.

E.T. “Be Good” Pin – $14.00

This orange pin features “Be Good” in fanciful lettering. E.T. is featured in the top right. His right hand finger is glowing, while his left hand points to his glowing chest.

“I Heart E.T.” Pin – $8.00

This blue, rectangular pin states “I Heart E.T.” The lettering is in the style of the movie logo. The letters are black on a dark blue background. The heart symbol contains three heart sizes, colored yellow and orange.

E.T. “Since 1982” Dimensional Pin – $11.00

E.T.’s smiling face looks out from this circular pin. E.T.’s head is raised. The pin reads, “The Extra-Terrestrial,” and “Since 1982.” A blue and purple rainbow appears behind E.T.

“I Heart E.T.” Keychain with Heart Spinner – $11.00

This silver and blue keychain features the “I Heart E.T.” logo, with the multi-colored hearts spinning in the upper right corner.

“Be Good” Keychain – $15.00

E.T. lights the way on this red colored keychain. “Be Good” is written in gold, stylized letters.

E.T. Spaceship Dimensional Keychain – $14.00

E.T.’s spaceship really lifts off the surface of this keychain. The background is blue, with a multi-colored rainbow propelling the spaceship upward. “The Extra-Terrestrial” and “1982” are written in silver, along with several stars.

E.T. 40th Anniversary Magnet Set – $14.00

These 40th Anniversary magnets are lavishly illustrated. Elliot, Gertie, and Michael are depicted, along with many iconic images of E.T. from the classic film.

The back of the magnet set features this wonderful drawing of E.T. with some stuffed toys.

Back to the Future Merchandise

Next up is the new “Back to the Future” collection! Universal Studios Hollywood already sold a lot of “Back to the Future” merchandise, so much of what you see in the display is old, but there’s still plenty of new stuff.

“Back to the Future” DeLorean Button-Up – $70

This button-up is dark blue, almost black in some spots, resembling a cloudy night sky.

It’s patterned all-over with images of the flying DeLorean time machine, a streak of blue light behind it.

This is part of the RSVLTS “Back to the Future” line.

“Back to the Future” Hover Board Button-Up – $70

This shirt is light blue and patterned all-over with the pink hoverboard Marty McFly picks up in “Back to the Future II.”

The RSVLTS tag is even shaped like the hoverboard.

“Back to the Hundreds III” Tee – $40

This black tee is by The Hundreds and reads “Back to the Hundreds III” in the “Back to the Future” font.

A tiny bomb logo with an arrow across it is on the back.

“Back to the Future” Tie-Dye Pullover – $100

This pullover hoodie is light pink with dark pink and yellow tie-dye.

It’s also from The Hundreds and reads “Outatime,” “The Hundreds,” and “Back to the Future” in green font. The DeLorean is pictured driving through a desert.

“Back to the Future III” Tee – $40

This tee by The Hundreds is yellow with a poster from “Back to the Future II” on the front.

The poster features Marty, Doc Brown, and Clara Clayton with the DeLorean. “Back to the Hundreds III” is below the image.

“Back to the Future” Collage Tee – $40

This black tee is covered in cartoon images from all three “Back to the Future” films. There are images of the DeLorean driving and flying, the hologram shark for “Jaws 19,” the sports almanac, a sign for Cafe 80’s, and most of the main characters.

“Back to the Future” Time Travel Button-Up – $70

This short-sleeved button-up is dark blue and features the DeLorean against orange and yellow shapes.

Bright blue lightning shoots across the tee, which also features images of Marty and Doc.

Against the dark background are subtle images of the Flux Capacitor and the Hill Valley Clocktower.

Hover Board Lunch Box – $24

The design of this lunch box is inspired by the pink hoverboard.

It has a pink leopard-like background. Two yellow stripes across the front have the words “hoverboard” on them. A green stripe crosses behind them.

The same “hoverboard” stripes are on both sides.

The handle is yellow.

The “Back to the Future II” logo is on the sides and bottom.

“Back to the Future” Tank – $25

This white tank has a neon design.

“Back to the Future” is repeated several times in outline letters and once in solid letters near the center.

The outline of the DeLorean is in pink, and the Flux Capacitor is in teal green.

“Back to the Future” Minimalism Tee – $25

This tee is blue with colorful boxes, each featuring a different “Back to the Future” icon.

Pictured are Marty’s red puffer vest, the clock, the “outatime” license plate, the hoverboard, the DeLorean, and the Flux Capacitor. The “Back to the Future” logo is in light blue to the bottom.

“Back to the Future” Youth Raglan – $28

This tee has the “Back to the Future” logo filled with cartoon images of the film, including Marty, Doc, the “outatime” license plate, and the clocktower.

The torso is white, and the sleeves are dark blue.

“Back to the Future” Youth Tee – $20

This shirt is light blue and says, “My other ride is a time machine,” around an image of the hoverboard.

The back is blank.

“Back to the Future” Neon Tee – $27

This teal blue shirt has the DeLorean zipping across the front.

The time machine is decorated with lines of neon green, blue, yellow, and pink, and neon bolts of lightning are coming out of the back. The “Back to the Future” logo is outlined in yellow and pink.

“Back to the Future” Retro Tee – $35

This retro-style shirt is black with a bright neon-colored version of the “Back to the Future” logo and DeLorean at the center.

“Back to the Future” Neon Keychain – $9

This simple keychain is a black rectangle with a neon version of the “Back to the Future” logo.

“Back to the Future” Retro Keychain – $14

This large keychain has the same design as the retro tee above, featuring the logo and DeLorean.

“Back to the Future” Hover Board Keychain – $14

This keychain features the hoverboard against a pink, purple, and sparkly blue circle. “Hoverboard” is above the image of the board.

Outatime Pin – $8

This pin resembles the “outatime” California license plate.

“Back to the Future” Neon Pin – $9

This rectangular pin is the neon-colored “Back to the Future” logo.

“Back to the Future” Magnet Set – $12

This magnet set has the same minimalist images from the tee further above, including Marty’s puffer vest, the hoverboard, and the DeLorean.

“Back to the Future” Magnet Set – $15

This set includes all of the neon, retro designs also featured on apparel.

“Back to the Future” Magnet Set – $15

This set has an orange magnet with the “Back to the Future” logo, the “outatime” license plate, and the clock.

It also has a simple magnet of the standard “Back to the Future” orange-yellow ombre logo.

“Back to the Future” Button Pack – $11

The four buttons in this pack are the nuclear energy symbol, “1.21 Giga-watts” on a yellow background, a red version of the film’s logo on a white background, and “88 MPH” on a grey background.

“Back to the Future” Logo Pin – $8

This pin is the standard “Back to the Future” logo.

Hover Board Pin – $14

This has the same hoverboard design we’ve seen on a keychain and magnet, with a sparkling circle background.

“Back to the Future” Logo Keychain – $8

This has the orange-yellow logo against a silver background.

Puffer Vest Keychain – $12

This keychain resembles Marty’s puffer vest.

It has the “Back to the Future” logo on the back.

Jaws Merchandise

You’re gonna need a bigger boat to fit all this great “Jaws” merchandise! Check it all out below.

“Jaws” Poster Button-Up – $70

This shirt resembles the original “Jaws” poster with Bruce the shark peeking up from the bottom.

It is by RSVLTS, and one of the tags resembles a human wearing a shark costume.

The top half of the shirt is white, and the bottom half is the blue ocean. The swimmer, unaware of the shark below, is across the pocket.

The poser image repeats on the back.

“Jaws” Poster Shorts – $70

The shorts match, with the shark and swimmer on one leg.

It has a red drawstring.

There’s a pocket on the back.

“Jaws” Button-Up – $70

This button-up has several screenshots and quotes from the original “Jaws.”

The most famous quote, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!” is in red lettering. There are images of the shark and the Orca boat.

It is also by RSVLTS.

“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” Pin – $11

This pin reads “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” in a dynamic design also featuring the shark and the Orca. It’s white, red, and blue.

“Jaws” Pin Set – $15

This set includes four pins. One reads “Amity Island 1975” in red lettering against a blue and black striped background.

Another pin is circular and resembles a life preserver with a bite taken out of it. The “Jaws” logo is in red at the center.

A third pin is shaped like the nose of a shark and reads “Bite me” along with “Jaws.”

The final pin is J-shaped. The “Jaws” logo is on one end, and it reads “Since 1975.”

Amity Island Shark Tours Pin – $11

This white circular pin reads “Amity Island Shark Tours” and “An Adventure of a Lifetime,” with a bloody shark in the center.

“Jaws” Logo Pin – $8

This pin is the simple red “Jaws” logo, with the “a” replaced by a shark.

“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” Keychain – $14

This keychain has the same design as the “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” pin, but the shark spins.

“Jaws” Logo Keychain – $9

This keychain has the “Jaws” logo, but the “a” is a transparent shark.

“Jaws” Keychain – $10

This keychain has a “Jaws” logo charm and a large shark charm.

“Jaws” Poster Keychain – $14

This keychain resembles the original poster, with the shark looming below a swimmer.

“Jaws” Keychain – $8

This keychain says “Jaws” in red lettering, with the image of a shark jaw bone and teeth behind it.

“Jaws” Dimensional Magnet – $10

This magnet is white with an all-over print of sharks, the “Jaws” logo, and a bitten life preserver. The “Jaws” logo with a shark instead of “a” is also large and three-dimensional at the center.

Amity Island Shark Tours Dimensional Magnet – $10

This is the same design as the shark tours pin, but the shark is three-dimensional.

“Jaws” Poster Magnet – $10

This magnet features the poster.

“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” Dimensional Magnet – $10

This magnet is the same design as the quote pin and keychain, but some of it is three-dimensional.

“Jaws” Tumbler – $25

This tumbler is white, with a red straw. It has an all-over print in red and blue of the shark, “Jaws” logo, bitten life preserver, anchor, and bubbles.

The cap is transparent.

“Jaws” Metal Earth Kit – $25

You can build your own Bruce the shark with this Metal Earth model kit.

The final model is the hanging shark.

Retro Universal Movies Merchandise

The final collection features all three movies and the Universal Studios globe logo.

Retro Universal Glass – $10

The images on this glass (and most of this retro merch) include E.T., his spaceship, E.T. and Elliot biking across the moon, the DeLorean, the Hill Valley clocktower, a lighthouse, and the “Jaws” shark.

The shark is bursting from the water above the Universal Studios logo.

Retro Universal Tee – $25

E.T., the moon, the shark, and the time machine are around the Universal Studios globe on this heather grey tee.

Retro Universal Throw Blanket – $60

This throw blanket features film strips, with images from each movie on their own strip.

The Universal Studios logo is at the bottom.

The background of the throw is black with some white stars.

It has fringe around the edges.

Retro Universal Pin Set – $19

This set includes four pins. Three are shaped like a film strip with a circle at the center. One features the DeLorean and “Back to the Future” logo, another the shark and “Jaws” logo, and the third E.T. and the “E.T.” logo.

The fourth pin is the Universal Studios globe.

Retro Universal Keychain – $14

This keychain features four charms identical to the pins above.

Retro Universal Keychain – $14

This keychain features the Universal Studios globe at the center, the DeLorean flying across the clocktower below, and E.T. and the shark above.

Retro Universal Button-Up – $70

This short-sleeved button-up is patterned with the same images we’ve seen on the rest of the retro merch.

It also includes quotes from each film, such as “Phone home,” “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” and “88 MPH.”

Retro Universal Art Print – $17

This print features the same design as the throw blanket.

Retro Universal Mug – $15

The same film strip images are striped across this black mug.

Retro Universal Tank – $30

Finally, this tank is black with a heather grey back and edges. E.T., the moon, the shark, and the DeLorean encircle the Universal Studios globe on the front.

What merchandise are you hoping to take home? Let us know in the comments!

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