New Hogwarts House Shirts for Adults and Kids Arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood

New adult and youth Hogwarts house shirts have arrived at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood. We found all of these in Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods, at the exit of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

Adult Hogwarts House Tees – $35 each

The adult tees are each the main color of the house and list three traits of the house. The Gryffindor shirt is red and lists courage, determination, and bravery in gold-yellow lettering. A flaming heart, Phoenix, and a sword are pictured between the words. The Gryffindor lion is outlined in black on the side.

The Slytherin shirt is green and lists ambition, cunning, and pride in white. The images are of Slytherin’s locket, potion materials, and a snake. A larger snake is to the side.

The Hufflepuff shirt is yellow with patience, dedication, and loyalty listed in white letters with black shadows. A badger is to the side, and the smaller images are an hourglass, mandrake, and Hufflepuff’s goblet.

The Ravenclaw shirt is blue with yellow lettering, reading wisdom, learning, and wit. A bird is outlined in black to the side. The smaller images are feathers and a wand, a quill, and Ravenclaw’s diadem.

Youth Hogwarts House Tees – $30 each

The youth shirts are all black ringer tees, with the main house color around the collar and sleeves. They feature the same designs as the adult shirts but in different colors to stand out against the black.

The house mascots are pictured on the left sleeve instead of to the side of the main design.

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