Herds of New ‘Jurassic World’ Tees, Pins, Signs, and More Merchandise Stomp Into Universal Orlando Resort

“They do move in herds!” We’re still a few months away from the release of “Jurassic World Dominion,” but a huge collection of merchandise for the film and franchise has just hatched at Universal Orlando Resort.

“Jurassic World” Tie-Dye Tee – $40

We found this first round of shirts at the Universal Studios Store in CityWalk.

This shirt is yellow and white tie-dye, with an orange version of the Jurassic World logo on the front. “Universal Studios” is printed in black below the logo.

“Jurassic World” Youth Tee – $23

This black tee has two dinosaur footprints in rock on the front.

The orange Jurassic World logo sits between the prints.

“Jurassic World” Black Tee – $35

This tee is also black with the orange logo and “Universal Studios” beneath it.

“Jurassic World” Tank – $33

This grey tank top has the T. rex logo in black and white.

Three claw marks tear through the logo, with orange streaks resembling rust.

“Jurassic World Dominion” Tee – $27

This tee features a T. rex running from a helicopter.

The orange logo on the front says “Jurassic World Dominion.”

“Jurassic World” Belt/Crossbody Bag – $32

Inside Universal’s Islands of Adventure at Jurassic Outfitters, we found this bag that can be converted from a crossbody to a belt bag.

It’s orange, with “dino cargo” stamped several times across the front.

It features the rusted T. rex logo as a patch.

There are multiple zip pockets. The interior lining is black with the T. rex logo and “live dinosaur” in orange.

The strap is black.

The “Jurassic World” logo and “Universal Studios” are in silver on the back.

“Jurassic World” Backpack – $55

This backpack is patterned all over with images of dinos, warnings, the T. rex logo, and more.

There are barcodes, strips of caution tape, and “fragile” signs.

The zipper of the front pocket is black, lined with orange fabric.

The backpack straps are black with orange dotted stripes.

A tag on the zipper reads “caution live dinosaur.”

“Let Em Out” Long-Sleeved Raglan – $30

This tee is heather grey, with red sleeves.

It reads “Let ’em out” in black letters beneath an image of running dinosaurs.

Allosaurus vs. Carno Tee – $30

This tee is white with a black neckline and sleeve edges.

One sleeve has a logo for “Amber Clave Night Market.”

A “Dinosaur Fight Ring” logo is on the left breast.

The back has a large yellow poster advertising “the fight of the year.”

It features an allosaurus and carnotaurus going head to head, scheduled for Saturday, July 30th.

“Jurassic World” Youth Tee – $28

This youth tee is grey with black edges.

Three photos of dinos are on the front, with a sticker that says “live dinosaur” and “handle with care.”

Biosyn Lanyard Pouch – $5

Biosyn Genetics is a company featured in the original “Jurassic Park” novels. It will finally debut on screen in “Jurassic World Dominion.”

The lanyard pouch is light blue with the Biosyn logo at the center and a pattern of “DNA,” the “Jurassic World” logo, and other science-y looking icons.

Biosyn Lanyard – $13

This lanyard matches the pouch.

Biosyn Magnets Set – $10

This set includes two magnets. One is black and features the Biosyn logo made out of green-blue pixels.

The second magnet is a chart of dinosaur sizes, with the Biosyn logo in the corner.

Biosyn Bumper Strip and Decal – $12

This set includes a Biosyn bumper sticker.

It is blue and reads, “The future of genetic power is you.”

The circle decal has the T. rex logo made out of green pixels.

Biosyn Magnet Clip – $8

This magnet clip is silver with a blue center featuring the Biosyn logo.

Biosyn Badge Reel – $8

This badge reel is a similar design to the magnet clip.

“Jurassic World” ID Badge – $9

This badge is grey with an orange stripe on the bottom. The “Jurassic World” logo is at the center, and “Universal Studios” is on the stripe.

On the other side is a transparent slot for an ID.

The clip features the “Jurassic World” logo in orange.

“Let Em Out” Keychain – $11

This keychain reads “Let ’em out” with the four atrociraptors.

The atrociraptors will debut in “Jurassic World Dominion.”

Allosaurus vs. Carno Keychain – $11

This has the same “fight of the year” poster as the tee above.

Dino Cargo Keychain – $8

This keychain resembles a black cargo crate and reads “dino cargo.”

A second charm is shaped like a dinosaur.

“Jurassic World” Keychain – $11

This keychain has one large charm featuring the claw-marked “Jurassic World” logo on an orange camo background.

The smaller charms are of a footprint and a caution sign.

Magnet Frame – $13

This magnet frame features more “dino cargo” crates.

Crate Magnet – $11

This magnet is just a row of crates with a couple small dinosaurs.

“Let Em Out” Magnet – $11

This has the same design as the keychain, featuring the atrociraptors.

“Jurassic World Dominion” Wood Magnet – $15

Atrociraptors Pin Set – $19

This set has one pin for each atrociraptor: Ghost, Panthera, Tiger, and Red.

Allosaurus vs. Carno Pin – $11

This pin features the Allosaurus vs. Carno fight poster.

Dino Cargo Pin – $11

This pin has two crates next to each other.

“Jurassic World” Silver Pin – $10

This pin is a silver version of the “Jurassic World” logo.

“Jurassic World” Camo Pin – $9

This pin has the logo against an orange camo background.

Atrociraptors Pin – $14

This pin has the four atrociraptors escaping a shipping container.

“Beware” Pin – $8

This oval pin features one of the atrociraptors with the “Jurassic World” logo and “Beware.”

Allosaurus vs. Carno Sign – $22

This sign is the same poster design featured on the tee, keychain, and pin.

Jurassic World Signs – $35 each

Several warning signs perfect for creating your own Jurassic Park or World were also released.

The dinosaur tracks guide was released last year in the Jurassic World Tribute Store, but the rest of the signs are new.

Most of these items were in Jurassic Outfitters at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Watch our video tour of the merch below.

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