Hugs and High Fives Return to Character Meet & Greets at Universal Orlando Resort as Distancing is Eliminated

Universal Orlando Resort has reached another milestone in the ongoing road to normalcy since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While physical distancing is no longer required for character meet-and-greets, until recently, characters didn’t physically interact with guests. Several days ago, we spotted Captain America getting up close with guests at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

While he posed next to guests, we didn’t see any physical contact.

The same situation was in place with Storm and Rogue.

Today marked yet another big change, as physical interaction has been reintroduced to certain meet-and-greets.

We spotted Patrick hugging and embracing guests for the first time since the resort reopened from the pandemic at Universal Studios Florida.

Another fish from Universal’s Superstar Parade could also be seen putting their arms (or fins, as the case may be) around guests.

Even the usually-cranky Squidward could seen showing his affections, high-fiving and posing with guests.

Even the youngest fans got to meet the beloved Bikini Bottom resident.

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