Adorable Digging Bunny Mousse is a Delicious Easter Treat from Beverly Hills Boulangerie at Universal Studios Japan

Although Universal Studios Japan may not go as all-out as Tokyo Disney Resort does for Easter, there still are a few lovely touches here and there that make this a wonderful time to visit the park. Case in point, we got to sample an adorable treat we’ve lovingly nicknamed the “bunny butt cake” from the Beverly Hills Boulangerie!

Digging Easter Bunny Mousse – ¥800 ($6.44)

The adorable treat is a fromage blanc ball covered in white chocolate shavings. Appropriate to its name, it resembles the bottom half of a bunny as it digs into the ground.

The two feet are little white chocolate macarons, and its tail is a little marshmallow.

The entire thing sits on a shortbread cookie with a sticky frosting and green sprinkles resembling grass to make sure the cake stays in the correct place. A white chocolate flower serves as an extra garnish.

The inside is filled with an orange jelly, which would’ve created an egg yolk-like look if we’d sliced it open a bit more.

Since Japan doesn’t usually do “rich” treats, this is about as close as we can get, with this somewhat thick cream cheese ball stuffed with jelly. It’s a pleasantly sweet but still fairly savory cream cheese, which mixes well with the highly fruity orange jelly at the center. The shortbread cookie on the bottom is quite sweet, in no small part thanks to being absolutely covered in green sprinkles. The white chocolate macaron feet are also a nice touch, one which we appreciated as we prepared to cut into the bunny butt cake.

All in all, we absolutely recommend picking this up with a sandwich meal on your next trip to Beverly Hills Boulangerie. It’ll be well worth your time and yen, plus it takes a great photo!

The Digging Easter Bunny Mousse is available through June at the Beverly Hills Boulangerie at Universal Studios Japan.

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