PHOTOS, VIDEO: It’s Alive! Classic Monsters Tribute Store Opens at Universal Studios Florida

A new tribute store dedicated to the Classic Monsters has been brought to life at Universal Studios Florida. While Revenge of the Mummy goes through a lengthy refurbishment, its exit gift shop (Sahara Traders) has been transformed.

The front of the store is still very Mummy-themed, but each monster has its own area further inside.

The Mummy area includes sarcophagi, skeletons, and Egyptian statues.

Not to mention, plenty of cobwebs.

Over here, we’ve got Dracula and the Invisible Man.

There are life-size figures of many of the monsters.

A digital caricature artist will be available in this corner soon.

The Bride of Frankenstein is hiding behind the artist’s station.

A fortune teller will tell you your future for $1.

There’s a corner dedicated to The Phantom of the Opera.

The Wolfman makes an appearance.

According to a Team Member, a QR code will later be available at the Wolfman. You will be able to scan it to have a photo taken, and it will then be available to purchase.

There are several photo ops available and more coming, but only the Wolfman will have the QR code.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon was looming over the store.

Guests can take a picture in this coffin.

The Franken-Mold machine is back. You can make your own tiny Frankenstein figure.

The store exits into the neighboring arcade.

Watch our video tour of the store below.

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