PHOTOS: ‘Jurassic World’ Mosasaurus Plush Swims Into Universal Orlando Resort

The Mosasaurus has come out of extinction in the form of this new plush. It can be found throughout Universal Orlando Resort, including Islands of Adventure Trading Company, Dino Store in Jurassic Park, and the Universal Studios Store at City Walk.

Mosasaurus Plush – $30

The profile shows off the prehistoric creature’s gator-like mouth.

This extinct creature had two sets of fins and a long tail reminiscent of a sauropod.

Closer up, you can see its tongue sticking out.

This is a Universal Studios exclusive plush.

His back fins give way to a long, scaly tail.

Its beady little eyes are barely visible compared to his mouth.

The extinct creature had both front and back flippers.

These large, pointy teeth indicate that the mosasaur was definitely a carnivore.

Its back has three rows of scales.

This pose reminds us of the first appearance of the mosasaurus on camera in Jurassic World.

This plush is ready to play pretend with your other Jurassic creatures!

Will you be adding this mosasaurus plush to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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