REVIEW: Universal Studios Florida Offers “Cookies and Milk” Served in a Cookie Cup, S’mores, Leftovers, and VBLT Sandwiches for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday treats at the Universal Orlando Resort. There’s plenty of seasonal snacks around the parks and CityWalk, but we couldn’t wait to try the new menu at the Battery Park food booth. Sweet and savory pressed sandwiches, hot chocolate, and a very unique presentation of cookies and milk are available here. There’s even alcoholic eggnog. We knew we needed to try some of these intriguing new offerings, so we set out on a busy day with a hearty appetite and made our way to Battery Park.


The food booth is located across from Mel’s Drive-In and Transformers, near the lagoon. After trying the amazing pressed sandwiches during Halloween Horror Nights, the wide variety of new sandwiches enticed us to order them all. Santa would be proud of us for ordering the cookies and milk, too!


Chocolate Pressed S’mores – $9.99


Chocolate brioche is filled with ganache and marshmallow cream and there’s a fine layer of graham cracker crumbs along the edges. This s’mores sandwich tastes exactly like a Pop Tart. The chocolate and marshmallow is perfectly balanced and the chocolate isn’t too overpowering.

Holiday Leftovers – $10.99


Turkey and brie cheese are served on artisan cranberry bread for the ultimate Holiday Leftovers sandwich. This pressed sandwich was our favorite of the four and is perfect for this time of year. The bread is amazing with a hearty fall flavor and nice crunch and the turkey gravy on the side really brings this whole sandwich together.

Peanut Butter Fluff ‘n Stuff – $9.99


This might not be a deep friend PB&J, but it certainly is impressive. The combination of peanut butter, jelly, and marshmallow fluff is perfection. The toasted, crunchy bread and warm filling makes this sweet little sandwich a must have.

VBLT – $10.99


This vegan offering is excellent and combines smoked tempeh bacon, Divina tomatoes, arugula, vegan pepper jack cheese and tomato aioli. The tomato aioli gives this a rich, slightly sweet flavor that compliments the spicy vegan pepper jack cheese and tempeh bacon. It might not be the most filling sandwich of the four, but it’s a delicious vegan offering that is sure to please.

Cookies and Milk – $7.99


The Cookies and Milk is served with a cookie cup and a carton of milk. It also comes with your choice of flavored straw. There’s cookies and cream, chocolate, and strawberry options to choose from.


This tall cup is edible and made of a thick chocolate chip cookie with edges dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.


Once you pour yourself a nice cup of milk, sip through the straw flavor of your choice. It was a nice surprise for us when our milk turned strawberry flavored from the straw.


This dessert might be a little bit of a reverse process. Once we finished the milk, then we could eat our cookie cup. The chocolate edges were a little tough to bite into, but once we got past them, the cookie was much easier to eat. It was super chocolatey, but thankfully, we had some milk left over in the carton. This is a fun treat with a great presentation so we’ll be back for a few more of these over the holiday season.


In addition to these, you’ll find S’mores Hot Chocolate and alcoholic eggnogs on the menu. These were some amazing offerings and we highly recommend you make a stop at the food booth in Battery Park if you’re visiting Universal Studios Florida this season.