PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Facilities Tour of the Jurassic World VelociCoaster Available at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

There are a lot of exciting things to do at the Universal Orlando Resort, but we’re always looking to try something different. There are a few attractions around the parks that offer special “tours” around the queue. Team Members will point out hidden details and tell you some interesting facts as they guide you through the queue. These aren’t advertised, but there are a few rides where you can ask Team Members about taking a tour. They are only offered if there are extra Team Members available, so if it is very busy or they are short staffed, you may have to come back another time. Revenge of the Mummy, Men in Black, and Fast and Furious are just a few of the attractions that offer these little tours. VelociCoaster is the newest attraction at the Universal Orlando Resort and is now offering a Facilities Tour for guests wanting to learn a little bit more.


We stopped by the entrance of VelociCoaster and asked a Team Member if there was anyone available to give us a Facilities Tour. Crowds were low and there were extra Team Members available, so one Team Member introduced himself and gave us an introduction to the story behind VelociCoaster.


We were taken down to the lagoon to check out the Mosasaurus roll first. The Team Member gave us some information about the Mosasaurus in the water as well as fun facts about the coaster. They really gave us a lot of stats about the ride and it’s nice to see the Team Members so passionate and knowledgeable about the coaster.


We were taken through the queue and given some facts about the iconic raptor statue in the center. There are two of these raptor statues in the world and the other one is in Beijing. The coaster vehicle on this model is also missing one car, in case you hadn’t noticed.


You’ll be taken right up to the windows where the second launch happens. The Team Member explained to us how the launch works and details on how quickly you accelerate. The Team Member also had a small flashlight and pointed out a few things on the chart and the cup of water with the ripples by the window.


The raptors receive the best care and are always checked after they run. Each raptor is unique and the Team Member will give you information on how the raptors are cared for.


We’ve spent a lot of time watching the coaster from the outside of the raptor paddock, but this is the first time we could stand and watch it from the inside. This is a unique look at the track from the exit of the attraction.


This is a great time to get photos and video.


Some details you wouldn’t normally see include the raptor transport cage and the raptor claw marks on the walls near the second launch. Noticing new details like claw marks inside the paddock make this attraction even better.


The Facilities Tour at the Jurassic World VelociCoaster gives you an up close look at the attraction with fun facts, immersive theming, and plenty of coaster stats. This tour is perfect for riders and non-riders. Whether you’re a fan of the ride or with someone who can’t or doesn’t want to ride, the Facilities Tour is a great way to add some thrill to your day at the Universal Orlando Resort. The tour took between 15 and 20 minutes and we learned a lot of new facts about the attraction. Check out the video below to watch our Facilities Tour at VelociCoaster.