PHOTOS: Adorable New Loungefly Backpack Pairs Hello Kitty and Pusheen at Universal Studios Florida

Two of the world’s most famous — and cutest — cats have joined forces on a Loungefly backpack. Hello Kitty and Pusheen star on the adorable new bag. We found the backpack at the Hello Kitty store in Universal Studios Florida.

Hello Kitty and Pusheen Loungefly Backpack — $82


On the front of the bag are Hello Kitty and Pusheen holding matching balloons.


It has adorable pastel colors, with the bag being mostly light blue signifying the sky that Hello Kitty and Pusheen are floating in, with white clouds in the background.


And then below Hello Kitty and Pusheen is an adorable matching rainbow with a zipper on top for additional storage.


The rainbow design continues onto the straps of the bag.


Hello Kitty and Pusheen are seen again on the back of the bag floating on a cloud. Pusheen is also wearing a matching bow to Hello Kitty’s.


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