Complete Foodie Guide with Reviews and ‘Best of Booth’ for New Food and Drinks Available during Halloween Horror Nights 30 at Universal Orlando Resort

We’ve given you a full guide to everything spooky during Halloween Horror Nights 30 at the Universal Orlando Resort, but now we have your guide to everything delicious! Savor your way through our complete guide to all food offerings during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Food Booth

Roasted Lamb Spit: with sliced garlic pickles and white bread – $10.99


Severed Ribs: sliced sticky ribs with BBQ sauce with sliced garlic pickles and white bread – $11.99


Grandmaw’s Skeleton Tray (Vegan): plant-based sausage and chick’n with sliced garlic pickles and white bread – $10.99


Leather Face Cherry Pie: handmade cherry pie with Leatherface pie crust spattered with sweet cherry sauce – $5.99


Texas Heat Margarita: El Jimador Blanco Tequila and blue curaçao with agave nectar, lime juice, Hella smoked chili bitters, and tamarind served over ice and sprinkled with Tajín in a souvenir cup – $14.99


Best of Booth: Leather Face Cherry Pie

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Jack’s Place Food Booth

Jack’d Donut Slider: Certified Angus Beef slider with bacon jam and cheddar cheese sauce on a bourbon glazed donut – $9.99


“Carni”vore Smoked Wings: Sweet chili glazed jumbo chicken wings served with BBQ kettle chips – $11.99


Bag o’ Donuts: Topped with your choice of powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar – $6.99


Jack’s Old-Fashioned Jack and Coke: with Tennessee whiskey, cherry brandy, and old-fashioned syrup in a souvenir cup – $14.99


Best of Booth: Jack’d Donut Slider

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Carnival Courtyard Food Booth

No “Chance” in Hell PB&J: fried peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with a hot honey drizzle – $6.99


Dr. Pinetti’s Confetti Battered Oreos: cookies hand-dipped in confetti cake batter, fried and dusted with powdered sugar – $6.99


Tiny’s Twinkies: deep fried, cream-filled snack cakes dusted with powdered sugar – $5.99


Best of Booth: No “Chance” in Hell PB&J

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Revenge of the Tooth Fairy Food Booth

Bourbon Candied Pork Belly: skewered thick cut bacon coated in an apple bourbon candy coating – $9.99


Monte Cristo Waffle Sticks: ham and cheese stuffed waffle topped with powdered sugar and raspberry melba drizzle – $9.99


Shattered Glass Candied Apples: Red Delicious apple encased in a shattered bourbon candy shell – $9.99


Ace Space Beer Floats: blood orange cider or peanut butter chocolate milk stout with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream – $13.99


Best of Booth: Monte Cristo Waffle Stick

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“Haunting of Hill House” Nell’s Tea Party Sandwiches Food Booth

Stuffed Brisket Grilled Cheese: brisket, pepperjack cheese, onions, tomatoes on countryloaf – $10.99


Jalapeño Popper: bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeño poppers with cheddar cheese on countryloaf – $10.99


Tempeh Reuben and Sauerkraut (Vegan): tempeh, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing on rye bread – $10.99


Luke’s Grilled Cheese: traditional grilled cheese – $9.99


Brisket & Tea Party: Stuffed Brisket paired with Poison Tea Party – $20.49

Poison Tea Party: Myer’s Original Dark Rum with Honest Tea half tea & half lemonade, blue curaçao, huckleberry, lemon, a dash of allspice bitters topped with a dehydrated orange, served chilled – $10.99


Best of Booth: Jalapeno Popper Tea Party Sandwich

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Beetlejuice Food Booth

Twisted Tater: Flash fried ribbon potato thinly sliced and skewered, seasoned with your choice of seasoned salt, garlic parmesan, sour cream and chives, or ghost pepper – $8.49


Blood ‘n’ Guts Tater: Twisted Tater smothered with chili and roasted red pepper queso – $10.99


Twisted Franken Coil: Foot long hot dog and Twisted Tater entangled and skewered together – $12.49

Twisted Blood ‘n’ Guts: Twisted Franken Coil smothered with chili and roasted red pepper queso – $14.99


Ghoul Juice: Mango rum punch featuring Myer’s Original Dark Rum with cherry brandy, lime, and a dash of allspice bitters in a souvenir cup – $14.99


Best of Booth: Blood ‘n’ Guts Twisted Tater

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Wicked Growth Food Booth

Field of Screams Gyoza: spicy ground turkey and butternut squash-filled dumplings – $8.49


Pumpkin Guts (Vegan): zucchini and squash ring with toasted hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds – $9.49


Pumpkin Dulce de Leche Churros: churros filled with dulce de leche – $6.69


Bog Slime: gin, lime juice and house-made matcha-cardamom syrup in a souvenir cup – $14.99


Best of Booth: Pumpkin Guts

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Arepas Food Truck

Carnitas: Cornmeal cake filled with slow-roasted pulled pork, cojita cheese, mayo ketchup, and cilantro – $9.29

Colombia tasting booth Mardi gras 2021 Universal Studios Florida

Picadillo: Cornmeal cake filled with seasoned picadillo beef, cojita cheese, mayo ketchup, and cilantro – $9.29

Colombia tasting booth Mardi gras 2021 Universal Studios Florida

Queso Blanco: Cornmeal cake filled with shredded mozzarella cheese, mayo ketchup, and cilantro – $8.29

Colombia tasting booth Mardi gras 2021 Universal Studios Florida

Best of Booth: Picadillo

Pro Tip: This food truck is typically open during the day, so you can enjoy these arepas even if you aren’t attending Halloween Horror Nights.

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Chicken Sandwiches Food Truck

Buffalo Hot: Hand breaded chicken tenders tossed in hot sauce topped with organic slaw, dill pickles, and roasted garlic mayonnaise on a soft roll – $13.99


Banh-Mi: Hand breaded chicken tenders seasoned with Thai chili sauce topped with pickled vegetables, cilantro, cucumber, and sriracha aioli on a soft roll – $13.99


BBQ – Hand breaded chicken tenders tossed in golden BBQ sauce topped with organic slaw, dill pickles, and roasted garlic mayonnaise on a soft roll – $13.99


Best of Booth: BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Pro Tip: This food truck is typically open during the day, so you can enjoy these chicken sandwiches even if you aren’t attending Halloween Horror Nights.

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KidZone Pizza Company

Pizza Fries: french fries with marinara, mozzarella, sausage and pepperoni – $10.49

Fryer and Ice: extra-long fries with chocolate soft serve dip -$10.49


S’mores Fries: sweet potato fries with marshmallow, chocolate chips, and graham cracker crumbs – $10.49


Best of Menu: Fryer and Ice

Pro Tip: Pizza Fries are available all day at Louie’s Italian Restaurant, so you can enjoy them even if you aren’t attending Halloween Horror Nights this year.

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Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe

Flammkuchen: flatbread topped with crème fraîche, caramalized onions, Swiss cheese, and smoked bacon – $8.99


Maultaschen (Vegetarian): German lasagna filled with Beyond meat, spinach, and mushrooms, served in vegetable broth with caramelized onions and chives- $7.99


Reibekuchen: potato pancake with apple sauce, crème fraîche, pumpernickle crumble, and chives – $7.99


Frankenstein Swirl: black sesame and white swirl ice cream served in a black cocoa waffle cone- $7.99


Bride of Frankenstein Oreo Mini Cake: layered Oreo petit cake with black and white swirled buttercream – $4.99


Lost Coast Beer Float: Lost Coast Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream – $13.99


Monochrome Monster: non-alcoholic raspberry mocha cold brew creation with Frankenstein Swirl ice cream and whipped cream – 13.99


Best of Menu: Maultaschen

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Scare up an appetite and enjoy these delicious food offerings at Universal Studios Florida during event nights. Halloween Horror Nights takes place on select nights now through October 31. Happy haunting!

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