REVIEW: The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin Haunted House at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 30

Are you ready to face the Pumpkin Lord? We braved Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 30.


“There’s no breaking free from the vines of the Pumpkin Lord, here to entrap you in his ever-growing evil.”


This was another top house for us with some of the best scares. At one point, you feel like you’re walking through the insides of a pumpkin. Textured orange pieces are hanging from the ceiling and all around. You feel like you’re inside pumpkin guts. There’s a very unnerving scene where you enter a covered bridge, but pieces of the bridge appear to be missing as you cross. This is a very creative and original house with a really great aesthetic. Do not pass on this one. It’s a love letter to the Halloween season.

Behind the scenes fun facts from the official Production Die-ries:

  • The vines and greenery grow larger as you progress through the house and come closer to the Pumpkin Lord.
  • A vintage tube-radio plays broadcasts warning about the Pumpkin Lord.
  • The “shaker cans” in this house and cans through the event are all from the Universal Studios kitchen, whose pastry chef saves them year round for the design team.

Halloween Horror Nights 30 runs on select nights from September 3 to October 31.

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