PHOTOS, VIDEO: The Terra Queen Returns to Gorewood Forest in the Scare Zone at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 30

Halloween Horror Nights 30 has officially begun at Universal Studios Florida, with ten haunted houses, two shows, and five scare zones. Let’s reunite with the Terra Queen in the Gorewood Forest scare zone.

Gorewood Forest


The Terra Queen has returned to the Terra Throne in Gorewood Forest, part of her kingdom of Terra Cruentus. First introduced alongside the Storyteller in 2005, the Terra Queen sacrificed herself to the Gorewood Tree at the end of the event. She is resurrected every fifteen years and has returned for Halloween Horror Nights 30.


The Terra Queen sports a new look that was part of her original design from 2005. It ultimately had to be scrapped because she could not ride her motorcycle in that outfit.


Victims like the unfortunate soul above are sacrificed so their blood can run into the roots of the Gorewood Tree as part of the Rituale de Blud.


The remains are buried at the foot of the tree, where they are slowly transformed into ore.


Deep within the Cemetary Mines, the miners of Terra Cruentus harvest the ore.


The terrifying Knucklegrunts, who dwell in the mines, deliver excellent scares aided by their ghillie suits.


This area is better in the dark, so visit it later in the evening. It’s a little bit gory with a guy hanging and shaking around, as well as bodies on spears, but it is called Gorewood Forest.


It’s not the greatest of all time, but there are some great scare opportunities, and it’s a safe scare zone for those who don’t like chainsaws, as there are none here.

Watch our video of the Gorewood Forest scare zone below.

Location of the Gorewood Forest Scare Zone at Halloween Horror Nights 30

The Gorewood Forest scare zone is located near Central Park, as indicated by the orange star on the map below.


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