PHOTOS, VIDEO: Baby Velociraptors Hatching Once Again in Jurassic Park Discovery Center at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

After a lengthy closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dinosaur geneticists have returned to the Discovery Center in Jurassic Park at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. And with the return of the geneticists, they can once again get back to work bringing dinosaurs to life for Jurassic Park. A baby velociraptor hatched for the first time in over a year, and we were there to see it.


The Nursery reopened to guests, giving an up-close look at the dinosaur incubation process.


Eggs kept in warmers can be interacted with using the Pre-Emergent Nursery Scanner. This experience has been closed up to now, due to the high-touch surfaces being used.


Dinosaur geneticists are on-hand to observe egg hatchings when alerted by the computer that an emergent event is imminent.


This baby Velociraptor pushed her way out of the egg with some help from forceps to clear the broken pieces.


The Team Member gives information to guests on Velociraptors as it pertains to Jurassic Park, as well as some information on dinosaur gestation and incubation in general. A guest, typically a child, is chosen to bestow a name onto the baby. This Velociraptor was given the name “Fanta.”


You can take a look at the whole show in our video below:

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