REVIEW: Cool Off with Refreshing New “Secret Life of Pets” Ice Pops from The Pets Store at Universal Studios Hollywood

As the summer heat is gearing up and more people are visiting the parks, it makes sense to look for as many ways as possible to cool off. So why not chill out with Max, Gidget and Snowball and their new themed ice pops!


While you can choose from flavors featuring five different characters from the movies, we opted to review the pops inspired by Max, Gidget and Snowball. Here’s what we thought!


Max’s Ice Cream Bar: Vanilla Chocolate Swirl- $5.99


Though Max’s iced treat offered just your basic chocolate and vanilla flavor profile, we thought it was delicious!


 It had a perfect consistency that was easy to eat. Some ice pops are hard to bite into, but this one was soft and easy on the teeth.


The chocolate tasted smooth and milky. It was sweet but not overly cloying.


While the vanilla is subtle, it does help offset the sweetness of the chocolate.


So if you want a small, quick treat that is as reliable and consistent as Max, this ice pop is for you.

Gidget’s Fruit Bar: Strawberry Cheesecake- $5.99


Just like Gidget, this Strawberry Cheesecake treat is sweet but has a bite.


If you are a fan of cheesecake, you are in luck. The Gidget Fruit Bar actually tastes like cheesecake.


The strawberry flavor is noticeable, but its largely overpowered by the cheesecake.


We also noticed a prominent cream cheese flavor which made the taste of this bar very dairy-heavy.


As with Max’s pop, the consistency is soft and easy to bite.


If you like strawberry cheesecake then you will probably delight in this ice cream bar. But, beware, if you do not like dairy, this one might not be for you.

Snowball’s Fruit Bar: Piña Colada Tajín-$5.99


As with our favorite fuzzy super hero, Snowball’s Fruit Bar packs a punch!


This was very refreshing with a well crafted pina colada essence to it.


Pineapple and coconut were the stars of the show here, as both were quite prominent.


The tajín adds dimensions to the ice pop giving it a salty, citrusy kick.


This one was also easy to eat, with a soft, pleasant consistency.


Overall, we found these treats to be as delightful and fun as their namesakes.


While you can always find bigger ice cream snacks throughout the park, this one is perfect if you are looking for a small pick-me-up in the middle of a hot day.

Will you be cooling off with these Secret Life of Pets inspired ice cream bars? Give us a shout in the comments!

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