REVIEW: Insane “JAWS Dog” is Sharkingly Delicious at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special line of treats themed to the park’s opening day attractions and properties! With JAWS remaining relevant and classic at the Osaka park, USJ decided to celebrate the beloved attraction with an adorable new hot dog themed like the iconic shark himself!

JAWS Dog – ¥800 ($7.23)


Located at the NO LIMIT! Market in New York, the JAWS Dog retails for ¥800 at the Hot Dogs truck.


The dog comes in a folded wrapper featuring the film’s iconic poster art, with the top of the hot dog peeking out of the wrapper.


The hot dog itself is surrounded by a sponge cake-like bun, embedded with shark gills, teeth, and eyes. The hot dog weiner itself pokes out the top but extended through most of the bun, with ketchup lining the interior.

The sponge cake-esque bun was a bit too much bread for the ratio of ketchup and meat, but the hot dog itself was cooked to perfection, with a satisfying fresh and juicy taste that left us ready to conquer the rest of our day. As mentioned earlier, the entire weiner is lined with ketchup from top to bottom, evenly distributing the condiment throughout your snack. While a bit expensive for just a hot dog, it’s surely memorable enough to merit a few selfies before you dig in! Otherwise, it’s about what you would expect for a hot dog, save for the excessive amount of bun.

If you dare, the JAWS Dog is available at the NO LIMIT! Market at Universal Studios Japan throughout the 20th anniversary celebration, so be sure you pop in when you’re feeling peckish! How did you feel about the new JAWS Dog? Are you excited to try it? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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