REVIEW: Trying Meatball Grilled Cheese, Loaded Nachos & Tots, Hazelnut Banana Pudding, Unicorn Cupcake, & More from New Minion Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood

With the “Taste of Universal” event opening the gates to Universal Studios Hollywood again, we got to visit the Minion Cafe on its opening day! This new cafe is full of fun meals and treats that the Minions themselves would enjoy and we ordered just about everything on the menu. Read our reviews below!


Loaded Chicken Nachos – $10.00


This was the best offering at Minion Cafe. The pulled chicken was cooked and marinated well with a bit of spice to it.


They used a white cheese all over the nachos that was the perfect consistency. Onions, salsa, and sour cream made for great additives and they didn’t skimp on anything.


Thanks to its portion size and generous toppings, this is our first recommendation.

Grilled Cheese with Meatballs – $10.00


Unfortunately, while this item definitely looked great, it didn’t quite live up to the anticipation.


The bread was really good, nicely toasted and thick, but that was the best part. And when the bread is the highlight of a sandwich, you’re in trouble.


The meatballs were mediocre, and frankly tasted fake, like they were an impression of a meatball.


Put together, the meatballs, cheese, and bread almost tasted like a weird pizza. This isn’t something we would recommend.

Loaded Tots – $10.00


This was a great portion size. The chili was great with a strong beef flavor.


The tots were cooked perfectly, and had a good crunch while still being fluffy on the inside.


The cheese was a nice additive, as it’s usually found with chili.


While this was a basic dish, it’s a pretty safe bet, and one that might just please picky eaters.

Chicken, Bacon, & Ranch Mac N Cheese – $10.00


This was just okay. The chicken was extremely dry and the noodles were almost slimy, which was disappointing.


The cheese sauce was very thick. We wish it was somewhat creamier, which would’ve helped the texture.


The bacon was fine, but a bit too chewy. It was a very small portion size for $10, and for the price, there are better options to be had here.

Hazelnut Banana Pudding – $5.00


This was so good! We don’t particularly like pudding, but this was very impressive, and quite photogenic, thanks to its fondant Minion-themed topper.


The flavor is spot-on. It tasted like fresh bananas, not artificial, with just a hint of hazelnut.


The texture was even throughout the treat with small pieces of breading scattered about.


If you like bananas or pudding, this is one to check out!

Unicorn Cupcake – $5.00


This happily proved to be another solid option.


The multicolored vanilla frosting was very sugary and very heavy, but the confetti cake itself more than made up for it.


It was sweet but not overly so, moist, and just the perfect size.


The sparkles on the frosting helped to make for a very visually appealing treat that kids are likely to enjoy.

What item would you love to try? Share your thoughts in the comments, and keep reading WDWNT and Universal Parks News Today for more from the “Taste of Universal!”

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