VIDEO: Take On The “Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown” in Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World’s coverage embargo has finally ended, which means we can not only share the incredible attractions and merchandise with you, but also the interactive features! You may remember that if you collect three Key Coins from Key Challenges, you get to face Bowser Jr. to recover the Golden Mushroom! Interested in tagging along? Now you can, thanks to our YouTube channel! Just press play below and fight along with Spencer. They’ll even teach you how to play the game!

Wasn’t that fun? The motion controls are a bit wacky, but the queue is absolutely gorgeous and it’s overall quite well done! Everyone I’ve spoken to said they enjoy it, even if the controls aren’t perfect. Be sure to set aside time for Key Challenges and a battle with Bowser Jr. when you visit Super Nintendo World! Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the fight (or have some tips for how Spencer can get better at it), and stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for complete coverage of Super Nintendo World!

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