VIDEO: Meet Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, & Toad in Super Nintendo World

There’s no way that a visit to Super Nintendo World can’t include a meet-and-greet with some of your favorite Super Mario characters! While they may not have Bowser, you can still meet Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, each with articulated heads and voice lines! Plus Toad makes appearances now and then and is known to be quite the joker! Want to see for yourself? Well just head on down to our YouTube channel (conveniently linked below) and you can join in the fun!

Aren’t those articulated heads impressive? And I love how much fun Toad has even with his little arms. He loves dancing and jumping around, it’s super adorable! If you want to learn more about Super Nintendo World, be sure to explore the rest of our content here on Universal Parks News Today, and stay tuned as our coverage continues!

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