PHOTOS, VIDEO: Take a Leisurely POV Ride on “Yoshi’s Adventure” in Super Nintendo World

The coverage embargo is over and we’re finally allowed to share everything inside Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan with you! Mario Kart isn’t the only ride for guests in the land, there’s also the Yoshi’s Adventure attraction. Featuring an aesthetic inspired by the Yoshi’s Island games, this omnimover attraction takes Guests through a short journey to search for Captain Toad and the golden Yoshi egg! You can check out a full queue tour and POV ride video below in 4K, or keep on scrolling for photos of the attraction itself!


Guests enter Yoshi’s Adventure through the lower level of Super Nintendo World. The yellow pipe at the back opens up into a Yoshi’s Island-esque queue, complete with remixed songs from the Yoshi games playing overhead!


Immediately as you walk in, the vibe changes to a very hand-drawn cartoon style typical of Yoshi’s Island.


The flowery hills and fluffy clouds of the series’ backgrounds adorn the entire queue space. It feels simultaneously flat and three-dimensional. Also note the flower coin on the left wall.


Other elements of Yoshi’s Island, including winged clouds, a boarded up door, and of course berries make an appearance as well!


In the queue line, you’ll find a map Captain Toad left behind, with locations marked for different color Yoshi eggs. There’s even an X where the golden egg may be!


But don’t miss these pastel Yoshi eggs right in front of you as well.


The Yoshi block in the queue yields different colors of eggs for Guests to collect. Provided they have a Power-Up Band, they can smack the block a few times and earn different stamps in their Universal Studios Japan app.


Right before ascending the treehouse to the loading area, be sure to say hi to Toadette as she gives you the basics of the attraction.


As Guests ascend up the stairs, they walk right up a tree and into the blue skies above.


Guests board any number of Yoshi colors (including the wheelchair-accessible vehicle shaped like a half Yoshi egg!) to go on their adventure.


At the start, your Yoshi exits Mount Beanpole at the land’s center and immediately opens to a lovely view of the rest of Super Nintendo World. Peach’s Castle, 1-Up Factory, and some of the key challenges are even visible!


Better beware the Piranha Plants that are out to get you, though!


Beware the Conkdor as well, trying to peck at Guests riding their Yoshis!


As you enter the indoor show scene, keep eyes on your right to get a special view of Starship Mario from Super Mario Galaxy 2!


Inside, Yoshi’s got Baby Mario on his back, trying to keep him away from the evil Kamek!


Kamek holds one of the eggs Guests must search for. When Guests spot a certain egg color, they can press the corresponding color egg on their safety restraint. Collecting all three eggs yields a special stamp in the Universal Studios Japan app if their Power-Up Bands are connected and active.


Pink Yoshi also holds Baby Peach, currently on the lookout for Shy Guys.


And on the way out, Poochy stands guard to greet Guests! How adorable is that?


Outside in the tropical area, baby Yoshis are just playing around with each other. Pink Yoshi’s floating through the skies while baby Yoshi is biting his tail.


The other color Yoshis are just having a grand old time eating berries or lounging around, as baby Yellow Yoshi is doing.


And on the way out, Captain Toad thanks everyone for helping him find the Golden Egg!

While only a slow-moving omnimover, the cute factor and attention to detail put into Yoshi’s Adventure make it a C-Ticket winner in our eyes! Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments or replies, and stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for your complete coverage on Super Nintendo World!

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