PHOTOS, VIDEO, REVIEW: Pit Stop Popcorn Takes Our Taste Buds on an Adventure with Peach and Mushroom Cream Flavors in Super Nintendo World

With the media embargo at Super Nintendo World finally lifted, at last we can share every last detail of our experiences in and around Universal Studios Japan’s most exciting expansion yet! And that includes the two delicious popcorn flavors (and two equally incredible popcorn buckets) on sale exclusively at Pit Stop Popcorn. You can join Spencer in trying these flavors on our YouTube channel, or keep on reading for thoughts and pictures!


Pit Stop Popcorn is right next to the entrance of Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. It’s in a fairly prominent location, so you can’t miss it!

Popcorn – ¥500 ($4.76)


Caramel Peach


Certainly the more sweet of the two, the caramel peach flavor comes lightly glazed with caramel, but goes far further in the direction of peach. To the point whwere I don’t think “caramel” is necessary in the name, because the fruity sweetness of the peach flavor overrides any of the more savory sweet taste that caramel possesses. That’s not a complaint by any means, this is truly excellent popcorn, and USJ has hit it out of the park once again with this flavor. You can’t miss this if you visit Super Nintendo World!

Mushroom Cream


I appreciate the balance of sweet and savory between these two flavors. Obviously, mushroom cream aims for the latter and comes in right on target, with a salty yet distinctive taste that even a mushroom hater like myself can get on board with. It’s certainly close to cream of mushroom soup but doesn’t try too hard to be perfect, which works in its favor in my eyes. Just like the Caramel Peach, the Mushroom Cream Popcorn is a must-try at Pit Stop Popcorn! But you may want to pop down to Yoshi’s Snack Island after and get something to drink, this flavor will quickly leave you parched.

Popcorn Containers


Super Nintendo World has its own popcorn containers, distinctive from the rest of the park. These feature the Grand Opening art we’ve seen on merchandise and in official releases. If you look very close, you can even spot some hidden Pikmin where you least expect it!

Popcorn Buckets


Of course, we can’t talk about popcorn without mentioning the amazing popcorn buckets on sale!

Super Star Popcorn Bucket – ¥3500 ($33.33)


The Super Star Popcorn Bucket has its opening on the back side, and its face plate comes off with a turn to the right, allowing its possessor to turn on lights that make it glow or flash in the dark!

Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket – ¥4500 ($42.81)


As for the Mario Kart bucket, it features Mario giving the thumbs up and a wink as he races through the skies! This bucket opens on the back, and the wheels light up blue like when courses enter antigravity mode!

Be sure you don’t miss these two delicious popcorn flavors when you visit Super Nintendo World, you can find them both at Pit Stop Popcorn along with these lovely buckets! Which of the two flavors (or buckets) sounds the most interesting to you? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for complete coverage of Super Nintendo World!

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