PHOTOS, VIDEO: Inflating Glove Machine Allows Guests to Get Their Own Bulk Candy at Studio Sweets in Universal Studios Florida

Since reopening at Universal Studios Florida after the COVID-19 closure, Team Members at Studio Sweets have been getting bulk candy on behalf of guests instead of allowing guests to pick it up themselves. The candy store has now introduced a new machine allowing guests to put on gloves and pick out their own candy.


The glove machine, along with some hand sanitizer, and candy bags, is on a shelf next to the bulk candy wall.


To put the glove on without touching anything, guests move their hand over the pink machine.


A sensor will detect your hand and then turn on a fan that inflates the glove.


Once inflated, you can put your hand inside the glove and then lift it out.


After putting on gloves, guests can grab their candy bag and start filling it up with scoops at each candy bin.

Watch our video below to see the glove machine in action.

How do you feel about this new method of getting bulk candy at Studio Sweets? Let us know in the comments.