PHOTOS: Tour the The Krewe Crawl (and Snag a Cool Prize) at Mardi Gras 2021: International Flavors of Carnaval at Universal Studios Florida

From doughnuts to merchandise, the Mardi Gras 2021: International Flavors of Carnaval celebrations is in full swing at Universal Studios Florida. Beginning today, you’re able to embark on a Krewe Crawl, a walking tour to experience the rich heritage of Mardi Gras at the festival.


The Krewe Crawl map costs $7.95 and no discounts are applicable. It can be purchased at any participating retail location at Universal Studios Florida.


The front of the brochure for the experience states to “gather your krewe and take a walking tour around Universal Studios Florida to experience the rich history of Mardi Gras.”


The walking tour is described as a journey of discovery “featuring the rich heritage of Mardi Gras as told through the eyes of our pirate skeleton crew.” If you visit each location on the map, you will receive a stamp. You’re able to redeem a completed map to Silver Screen Collectibles for a prize.


Here is a hint at what your treasure will be!


The back of the guide reminds you to explore the new Mardi Gras Tribute Store and sample the offerings from Bayou Snack Shacks.


The map presents which 12 store locations are participating in the Krewe Crawl displays. If you visit each one, you will be able to collect your treasure.

The Displays


The first display we visited features some skeletons cooking up a Mardi Gras feast: Whether it’s Creole cooking, a round of beignets, or barbeque spare-“ribs”, the city of New Orleans has every palate covered. “Bone-apatite.”


The next display has a skeleton at a gravesite with a shovel and flowers: Pay your respects and tour some of the oldest cemeteries in the country. Countless crypts and tombs dot the landscape and provide final rest for the New Orleans infamous.


Of course, you cannot embark on a pirate skeleton-guided tour without pirate skeletons: Best bone-up on your pirate speak lads as New Orleans has a long and sordid history with these self-proclaimed “privateers.”


This display offers insight into the history of Voodoo in New Orleans: Voodoo dolls, potions, and spells are all prominent staples in New Orleans spiritual folkways. Dolls were created as human effigies, typically resembling people that one wished harm upon.


This colorful display features a look into the fashion of New Orleans Southern Belles: Whale bone corsets and wide-brimmed garden hats are a must for the stylish ensemble of a New Orleans Southern Belle.


“X” marks the spot! Each time you visit a display, make sure you get a Team Member to “X” off the location.

The Prize


Remember, once you receive your skull and crossbones stamp, you will redeem your completed map for a prize at Silver Screen Collectibles. Note: If you wish to go straight for prize redemption, you do not have to visit all 12 displays.


The prize you receive upon completion of the Krewe Crawl consists of three beaded necklaces in green, silver, and Mardi Gras tricolor. The tricolored necklace is adorned with a Mardi Gras mask.


The other necklaces are green and silver. The silver necklace is made up of skulls and crossbones.


Mardi Gras 2021: International Flavors of Carnaval at Universal Studios Florida runs through March 28th and the Krewe Crawl will be available for the duration of the festival.

Will you be grabbing your crew to embark on this tour? Let us know what fun facts you’re looking to learn about Mardi Gras!

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