REVIEW: New Brisket Philly Tots from Green Eggs and Ham in Seuss Landing

Green Eggs and Ham in Seuss Landing has gone through a few menus changes recently and on our last visit to Islands of Adventure we spotted something new. The S’mores Nutella has been removed from the menu and replaced by Brisket Philly Tots. Of course we’re ready to try the tots and give you our thoughts!


When it comes to tots, we will eat them here. We will eat them there. We will eat them anywhere!


The presentation of these tots is perfect, with a creamy layer of white cheese sauce covering peppers, onions, and thinly sliced brisket. We’ve enjoyed our share of Who Hash and Buffalo Chicken Tots so we were excited to dig into this new dish.


The tater tots are always cooked to crispy, golden perfection, so it’s the toppings that really bring this plate together. Unfortunately, the brisket just didn’t impress us. We truly liked the Brisket Crepe from Central Park Crepes, but the meat was just too bland for us with the tots. On its own, the brisket lacked flavor and was almost undetectable under the cheese sauce. Thankfully, the cheese sauce is heavenly and saves these tots.


The onions and peppers weren’t overpowering but we could definitely taste those flavors. The red and green peppers with the cheese sauce and tots was enough to make these memorable for us, but the brisket just missed the mark here and didn’t stand out at all.


Just like the message in the Dr. Seuss story, it’s always worth giving new foods a try, but we’d still prefer a Brisket Crepe over these Brisket Philly Tots. Will you be heading over to Seuss Landing to try these new tots?